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i think just because i have a more regular meal than, i assume, paint and glue, doesn’t mean i’m well fed.

and so on etc


good question


a small anecdote from my family, maybe some of you might enjoy:

so, back in the 70s, my grandad was a bit of a naughty boy (smuggled industrial quantities of cigarettes and booze from Spain for resale/owned an unlicensed hunting rifle/would have organized fights with the army outside pubs etc.)

So, one day he’s driving back from the pub blind drunk and hits the side of a car (not condoning this btw, drunk driving is awful and should be punished). The driver of the other car realizes he’s absolutely leathered and decides to call the police. grandad hops back in the car and books it home. an hour later the police arrive at the door, to be greeted by an apparently beaming grandad with a large glass of wine in his hand. Apparently he got off the drunk driving charges as they couldn’t prove he was drunk at the time of the incident, and his excuse for the glass of wine was that he was ‘stressed from the crash’.

gbo grandad.


Just policing the wrong shit aren’t they, war on drugs over say wig salesmen


one of my best friends is a policeman.

The police were pretty nice to me when I got robbed at gunpoint.


yeah in general I’d say fuck them

someone I knew at university is now a cop. last time I hung around with him he complained about liberals and diane abbot and was befuddled by trans people. he did have some good anecdotes about how shit the police are though


again, though, thats individuals being nice people. institutionally they have been shown to not be nice to, say, women who were raped while drunk, or black kids.


My brother in law is a plod. He’s a genuinely good guy and seems to have gone into it for the right reasons.

That said, this is in Guernsey which is a tab more…laid back than The UK. It’s more Hamish Macbeth style policing than Bergerac however…


I mean to dispense with the silly phrasing of it it’s a pretty difficult thing to measure isn’t it? Seems to me that every country’s Police are going to be inherently, structurally flawed. And as they work for US we should always be asking questions of them. I guess as good a measure as any is how a country’s Police treats the minority groups it serves. Think in the UK you can chalk that one off as ‘a bit shit’ all things considered.


yeah that’s probably right.

Could it be that society itself is not nice to women or raped women or black people or specifically the police? I guess the police are just a reflection of the sort of people who place high value on the laws and views of the state.


Some of the stuff the cops got/get up to in Northern Ireland is fucking mind boggling and worrying (collusion etc) but then given the crazy situations they have to operate in over here it’s maybe not too surprising. They probably could have done with a sterner recruitment program though to weed out those in it definitely looking to fuck one half of the community over.
On a personal note though most dealings I’ve had with cops have been adequate.


They perpetuate it though by protecting and enforcing a broken system. Outside of the army they’ve got a monopoly on legal right to violence and in using it to enforce poverty they create as much crime as they solve. It’s horrible you were robbed but it’s a systemic issue not a personal one.


yeah thats a good point. theres definitely no way we could expect the police to be better than the society they’re in, cause as individuals they all come from that society, and as a group they are controlled by our succession of terrible governments. the thing that really disappoints me is just that when something horrible one of them has done comes out, they usually close ranks and double down.


I wasn’t trying to make a political point no need for the lecture.


Well it was political whether you intended it or not tbh


doesn’t matter because of brexit we’re all going to be dead this time next yeah anyway right?

Fingers crossed!




citation needed!!!11 lol


what a load of balls


The way that crime rises with levels of inequality rather than how many policepeople there are?