DiS on Police


Getting yourself out of the car and a drink in your hand was a very common tactic back then. I’ve heard similar stories from older relatives.


Line of Duty has ruined them for me


fuck you too pal


They don’t work for us. They are agents of the state. They work for the government.


If they solved all the crime they’d be out of a job. Think about it! It’s all a con.


Breaking news:


isn’t this genuinely the thing with the war on drugs thing.


great picture of fish fingers there.


Technically they don’t and should be apolitical and they are policing by consent.

Obiv it doesn’t always work like that.


Saw two plod chasing some guy through Wandle Park near Colliers Wood. Both overweight and pretty short. They only caught the guy because he was wearing his jeans so low they fell down and he stacked it (really hard).

Useless bastards.


Totally, they’re a rubbish band.


I really prayed that someone wouldn’t make a reference to the band. honestly retyped it with different wording, but foolishly thought we could all be adults.


It’s good that you were hopeful. Never let go of that.


Comfortable straight white blokes in “police are fine” shocker


That’s what I meant. I was also pointing out where our authority to question them comes from. We have an inherent right to kick off about the police.


wait which people are outright saying that?


Just bored now tbh


fwiw your arguments are obv good ones to my mind for the most part. i don’t think anyone is saying that the police are even doing a good job. some are def pointing out their own experience in good or bad lights, mind you, which is tricky to insert into a debate overall


you seem even more SmASh ThE SySteM than normal today. iphones, police, everythingelsepostedonthewebsite
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