DiS on Police


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Imagine criticising Apple AND the police though, what a commie!!


if someone photoshops you into a Ché t-shirt i’m buying it



At first glance I thought it was a plate of sausages


and everythingelsepostedonthewebsite tbf


It rarely works like that.


Do you sometimes wonder… If you happened to be arrested, would the police look you up on social media and decide whether or not they liked you (or your politics/opinions) before deciding how to deal with you?


Possibly. Not really that different to instances where people have been nailed for crimes they didn’t commit because the police thought they were bad sorts anyway so the end justified the means etc.


Like the modern day version of someone like Ricky Tomlinson being banged up in the seventies because of is trades union activities.


Yeah I guess


I cancelled my application - sorry everyone!


I met a vicar once who used to be a prison warden, he started off working in his local nick but they had to relocate him because he knew half the guys in there or their families, and he was forever being told to turn a blind eye to something etc or else they’d tell their mate on the outside to come after him and his family. So I guess it’s similar for the filth.


I sometimes refer to vicars as a “Man o’cloth”

Ever done that?


good lad.


Of course, that’s what a narc would say…


My best friend and his boyfriend were subject to a horrendous assault in Hackney when someone yelled a homophobic slur at them from a passing car. They yelled back, at which point the car stopped and its 5 occupants got out and beat them up. The entire beating was caught on CCTV and they duly reported it to the police. The police advised them to drop the case because the car wasn’t visible, so the CCTV only showed them shouting something then 5 guys descending on them, so in the opinion of the police they had provoked the attack.

So yeah, fuck those jobsworth cunts.


this is a flagrant violation of fundamental rights

should we be thanking them for assaulting, intimidating, arbitrarily detaining and recording and retaining the data of thousands of people who attend peaceful demonstrations against government policies. nope don’t think so.



so if the police are institutionally evil, nice people won’t be police officers so what’s the solution?

Robot police probably won’t help
No police would be pretty bad in lots of areas