DiS on Police


have had one good encounter with the police (got burgled in 2007). had an encounter with them this year which has really soured me on the system and how it deals with specific types of crime.

frankly i think “the police” is beyond redemption as an institution and can’t justify its authority in light of how it repeatedly fails vulnerable groups such as victims of sexual assault, trafficking, minorities, etc, and has repeatedly infiltrated and subverted democratic grassroots movements for no reason other than to protect the political establishment of this country. the role they played during the miner’s strike and more recently with the anti-fracking movement, anti-banking protests, etc is that of a paramilitary organisation for elite institutions.


neighbourhood armed militias.


it would be impossible to have state law enforcement that isn’t repressive without changing the role and functions of the whole repressive state apparatus


I’m more thinking what is the role of us as the individuals born into it? Are we doomed?





How do I reconcile it with the fact that I am a nice person and therefore surely most people are?


no I don’t think so

we can start by subjecting all of our ideas and institution to critique


I mean I’m a jerk too and fallible, but ultimately I feel sad when I hurt others’ feelings and try to avoid it. If that’s the basic state of human nature then we should be able to do something?


what is the basic state of human nature? does it even exist? what happens if we’re all put in that state?


love I guess


cwbaft :frowning:


with a voice and face like yours you will have no issues!

Of course everyone is deserving of love, no exceptions


Anybody I know who’s gone into the old bill around my age is a woman and/or BAME and/or LGBTQ person, I’m told this is down to them now having quotas to sort out their diversity, so they want non cishet white males. Do we think this could cause a meaningful culture change for the better?

My experience of them is from being burgled a few times, and all of them were amiable enough, but they did leave that white dust for fingerprints/footprints which is a bastard to get off. The most recent time the guy was so incredibly overly nice and helpful, was round the house 4 days in a row and even just left a dibble van outside overnight once so we’d feel safe; turned out his dad lived on our street and it’d got to him a bit that the burglars had took our big knives with them.

Another one was years ago when a notright over the road finally got thrown out by his wife after years of knocking her around, I saw him crowbar the door open one night and later learned that he’d just smashed everything up, including his own daughter’s bedrooms. So po-po comes round afterwards and asked if we saw anything and I was like fuck yes I’ll give a statement that man is scum, and he was like ahh sound just come and sit in my car and I’ll take your statement. And later my dad says “so you sat out in front of your own house, in a police car, grassing up a known crim, on the street where everybody he knows lives, after he’s just smashed up a house? Brilliant”, I did get worried then. But nothing came of it and I never had to go to court, pretty sure he got put away for a string of lifting safes out of shops at night after that.


I’m still irked about having my words twisted here. It’s in enforcing poverty that the police create more crime.
I obviously know they don’t commit crimes themselves
Apart from the ones who kill people and stuff


they’re also a legitimised gang of violent thugs but anyway.


don’t worry, you’re basically saying what lots of criminologists have been saying for decades x


I was homophobically attacked. The first thing the cop said to me? “Did you try to chat him up?” FFS.


Nice people do bad things in certain circumstances. I’m sure lots of German soldiers, concentration camp guards, etc, during WWII were nice people in peacetime. But give them a bit of power and they can’t help abusing it.


imagine a group of the worst sort of people, and then they’re told to do what they do for money.