DiS on Police


well I’m not sure how living in a state with no law enforcement would work right now. People have a lot of fear and hate of others. I’d probably be killed in a week


When i was about 17 or 18 I called the police cause a woman was screaming on my street at 3am. Turns out she was fighting her boyfriend but they were rude on the phone to me afterwards and made me feel really thick for phoning in which wasn’t good at all. Luckily I was smart enough to know I did the right thing so didn’t take it to heart too much but if I was any younger or stupider I would have been afraid to phone in for help again



my worst police experience (I have a few others but deleted them, seem too minor alongside this)

When I was at college a friend crashed a car into someone’s garden when drunk, got arrested and spent the night in the cells. His parents were on holiday, he had only just turned 17 so was basically still a child, despite several friend parents contacting the police to be informed when he was let out, they took him back to an empty house and he took his own life. I’m not sure about the legalities but think 17 is too young to be left alone after something like that, and even if their hands were tied because of confidentiality they should be aware of the risks in situations like that, and stuff that happened afterwards make me suspect they probably even contributed to his state of mind.

A few months after he died some friends were out in town drunk, a friend posted an empty ribena carton into a postbox (ok not cool, but hardly the biggest crime), a police officer came over, he recognised my friend from the inquest because my friend was the last non-police person to see him alive, and the police officer basically said he was a fuck up like our friend who had died. We were pretty furious, ended up not even making a complaint as my mate’s dad was very paranoid and basically said the police would come after us and stitch us up for things (maybe he wasn’t being paranoid and just had experience of them, wouldn’t put it past them after that)


@Ruffers @DarwinBabe got any good book recommendations on this?

actually just remembered I’ve got that one by yer man Foucault in my room. better crack the spine of it, huh.


discipline and punish? i think its a bit more about prisons than the police, but i guess the point of his work is that everything in the system is all connected


I wouldn’t start with Foucuault to be honest. Policing is really not an area I know a lot about (at least not to the point that I could recommend good books on the topics) but , particularly cause you will find a free copy online, Stuart Hall’s ‘Policing the Crisis’ is good (although not just about policing) The Open University offer a lot of free stuff on criminology too.



I have a similar story. A former boyfriend was from an Eastern European country that doesn’t need to be named. When he was a teenager, he was drink-driving when it was icy on the road. He lost control on a corner and crashed into a garden wall, which belonged to a policeman. He was incredibly luckily uninjured despite writing the car off. However, he wasn’t arrested either, just had to return the next week with his Dad to rebuild the wall.



My attacker was never charged, by the way. I phoned the police a couple of weeks later, having heard nothing from them about it. The officer in charge was on holiday, I was told. Two weeks later I phoned again only to be told that he was on holiday. In the end I gave up. The police just didn’t give a shit. Probably agreed that all queers deserve it no matter what.