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It’s a Bjork special today. Listen here http://www.sohoradiolondon.com/

More info:
A deep dive into the world of Björk, plus an hour long mixtape for her. Emily Mackay who’s written a 33 1/3 book (out Oct 5th via Bloomsbury) about Homogenic joins fellow Guðmundsdóttir fan Danielle Perry to discuss the “stern” power and life-changing beauty of Bjork’s music.

This conversation is followed by DiS editor Sean Adams who acts as a human algorithm to compile an hour long personalized mixtape for Bjork featuring the likes of Hannah Peel, Olafur Arnalds and more. Hear his previous mixtapes for St Vincent, David Lynch and more over on the Drowned in Sound mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/seaninsound/ (and the conversation will be available as a podcast for our subscribers soon)

Bjork - Earth Intruders (Mark Stent Extended Version)
Björk Guðmundsdóttir & tríó Guðmundar Ingólfssonar - Gling Glo
Bjork - Big Time Sensuality
Bjork - All Is Full of Love (Live Version)
Bjork - Pluto
Bjork - Bachelorette (Radio Edit)
Valgeir Sigurðsson - A Symmetry
Zola Jesus - Exhumed
Andrea Belfi - Lead
Olafur Arnalds - 0952
Four Tet - Twenty Seventeen
Hannah Peel - Archid Orange Dwarf
EMA - I Wanna Destroy
The Blow - The Woman You Want Her To Be
Bjork - The Gate


Nice one, will throw this on now!

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Love all of this record. A christmas favourite in our gaff.

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@sean is this pre-recorded? Can you give a big shout out to my main man @Kallgeese if not.

It is pre-recorded as I had to goto Manchester today and Danielle my co-host is moving house. Should have asked for shoutouts last week.

I hadn’t actually heard The Gate when we recorded the show, but we added it to the end (plus some bonus tracks as we had a bit of unexpected extra time!)


I’d also like to request a shout out for my man Irons for the next shows!



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I’ve heard she’s a bit of a dick

Gig cancelling wanker

hi sean lola and i are making cupcakes and dancing in the kitchen . love the show thanks bye x


It took sean 2 minutes before he mentioned Hayley from Paramore.

(imagine he’s saying ‘sean’)

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What is going on with gifs and links recently?

theo leaves for 5 minutes and look what happens

The Antipodean Midnight Mod.

I’m listening.


You can now listen back on demand here


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