DiS on the radio

We’re live on Soho radio until 6pm if you fancy a listen http://sohoradiolondon.com or search for Soho Radio on any device / app that has TuneIn.


Hi sean! Can you give a shoutout to my main man @Kallgeese please?

I’ll tune in on the way to the pub but I’ll be turning off at 7 for the football I’m afraid pal.

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Can we have Do You Wanna Hit It by The Donnas, please?

Dedicated to @xylo


Seconding the shoutout to @Kallgeese

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listening now :+1:

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ffs read the op incorrectly.

Gonna whack it on now.


Just realising how similar that Twilight Sad piano riff is to Radiohead’s All I Need

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Sextape is legit one of my favourite Deftones songs :+1:


Is this an alternate version of X-mas Steps? It sounds almost completely different to how I remember it.

will give it a listen.

is this a one off or a regular thing?

Monthly. I took a break from doing it.

Thanks for listening all. Got another hour to go. Who do you think will be on our Meltdown bill?

Man, this Frightened Rabbit track.


Plug the Disintegration State label big man :wink:


Sorry only just seen this.

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Would be funny if he plugged some other threads, like the burger one


Dis dis dis dis dis on the radio

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Sorry I didn’t get chance to do any shout outs. We were having some technical issues.

Here’s the show available to listen back to (will share tracklisting tomorrow)


I’m listening.

The Patti Smith (with Kevin Shields) 2005 Meltdown show you are referring to was her reading of The Coral Sea, the epic poem written by her as a tribute for the late Robert Mapplethorpe.

I went to that show, obviously.