DiS Online Quarantine Film Club: FIRST EDITION in post #16

Hey pals!

Just posting this before I’m off to bed, so more details and discussion tomorrow, but I was thinking a lot about this earlier today. Now that we’re all more or less stuck in our homes and doing social distancing and whatnot, how about an online film club? The idea is that we watch films together online and discuss them in real time and afterwards.

We’ll agree on some ground rules but I think it’d be good if we vote on films, maybe limited to what’s on Netflix as most people have that already?? Open to suggestions here. We’ll find a way of narrowing it down to a shortlist that will fit in a poll each time. And then we could maybe do live comments in a thread on here? I’ve tried Netflix party but 1) it’s a Chrome extension and some people don’t use Chrome, and 2) it really only works on a laptop. If we have a thread on here for comments and discussion, we can all watch the film on our tv sets or whatever, and keep our phones or laptops open for the other stuff. Seeing as I’m keen on doing live chat/comments during the film, I’m thinking to keep the film choices fairly light-hearted so that chatting along doesn’t take too much away from it.

What do you think?

  • Great idea, wr! I’m in! (* Not legally binding)
  • Idk, maybe, maybe not
  • I definitely don’t want to be a part of this but I want to click on a poll

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Definitely in and up for some post film chat. Would be really cool if we all watched something on the same night and discussed afterwards or next day.

Dunno if i’d keep up with real time chatting/posting, mind.

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I’m sure we could do a combination somehow, I know not everyone will be up for real time chats.

I like the idea of both, definitely wanna be able to real-time snark about bad haircuts or line deliveries

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Lots of people in, great stuff!

In but absolutely won’t be chatting during a film


OKAY so here is my suggestion on how to organise this thing. Please feel free to comment if you want to suggest any changes to the setup!

  1. I post a Netflix category in this thread, and give a time frame for everyone to post their suggestions from that category. Once the deadline is reached, I make a poll from the suggested titles and we vote.
  2. We all go on Netflix around the same time and watch the film.
  3. For those of us who want to have a chat while watching the film, I’ll set up a DM thread to use while the film is running (everyone in the DM chat needs to have pressed play as close to the same time as possible).
  4. After we’ve finished watching the film, I’ll set up a separate thread (on the boards, not DM) to discuss the film and anyone can join in.

Repeat like once or twice a week as long as everyone’s staying at home or we can be bothered? Should we decide on set days of the week for example, or just play it by ear? I think probably around 8pm is a good time for this kind of thing. Small children will be in bed, most people will have finished work, etc.

What do you think?


Quarentin Quarantino


i will try to partake, sounds good :sunglasses: :+1:

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David NivIN.

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martIN scorcese

(and live chat ahoy)

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Will we need to stick to Netflix originals as people might be in different countries?

I had not thought of that, but I will try to trick netflix into thinking that I at least am in the UK and see how that works.

I need someone who is online right now to assist me in a secret mission Very simple and not very exciting

i am an online

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Our first film club will take place on the 1st of April, so I thought it fitting to kick it all off with a comedy.

Please click here, and suggest one or two titles from that list that you’d like to watch with the rest of us. PLEASE NOTE: There’s a fair bit of stand-up in there, but for this edition of the film club we will be considering fictional comedies only.

Deadline for suggestions is tomorrow, Monday evening, at 8pm UK time. I will then post a poll in here in which we vill vote for which film to watch on Tuesday evening, as well as instructions for live chat etc.

Have fun!


My suggestions:

  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • The Way Way Back
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Neither are :frowning:

I’ve no suggestion as I have literally seen zero films that don’t have hobbits in, but am really looking forward to this.


should be something iconic enough that it’ll generate good chat
I propose the matrix

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Groundhog Day

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