DiS Petrol Call

  • Petrol car
  • Diesel car
  • Electric car
  • Bike wanker
  • other

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No option for us hybrid wankers?

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Damn. I knew I’d forget one. Can we count that as an “other” vote?

gerald broflovski driving GIF by South Park

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Food is my petrol

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Whenever I have a meal I say ‘Just filling up the old tank baby’


All I meant to do was start an amusing copycat thread, and here I am upsetting people!

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1 petrol hybrid (self charging)
1 diesel

Bike wanker + car club tosser

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2 Diesel, 1 Petrol (dotcom)

I don’t have a car

Or bike


Petroll call

Ffs do I have to do everything

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1 diesel
1 electric

Diesel until Wednesday then electric

I don’t have a car or bike either.