DiS PiSs Thread (trickling)

This is a thread all about pissing. Thanks.

Just pissed. Spent the entire walk back to my desk concerned about the status of my flies.

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Most satisfying piss

  • Clear
  • Smells of asparagus
  • Long-awaited
  • Zero side-spray

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Side note. I really like the word piss. It sounds silly and is also a swear word.


Long awaited but not so long awaited that when you finally go it trickles out really slowly and lasts forever

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Arguably the second least satisfying bodily function, after vomiting.

never had this


Uh oh…

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hate it when i need the piss really badly and then after a meek little squirt i have no more piss. why was i in that much discomfort then wtf.

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wtf, no


oooh, I hate those. also bad are ones when you’re slightly to moderately aroused but need to hurry up and pee but it comes out in badly directed spurts


Had the ‘mummy where are you hiding your willy’ conversation this morning while trying to show my son that it’s ok to pee sitting on the toilet seat rather than using the mickey mouse insert.

I really enjoy peeing.


I mean it’s obviously long awaited but I’m gonna fly the flag for asparagus piss. Love asparagus piss I do. I have a little song for it and everything.


obviously we need to hear that song now


It’s behind burping, farting, pooing, sneezing, and ejaculating for sure.

I will concede that if we’re including nonsense like coughing and hiccuping then it’s better than those.

oh man but then when you need a piss so badly your wisdom teeth are practically floating, and you finally find a toilet…christ, that is some sweet relief.


I actually think that a long-awaited piss is far more satisfying than a clear piss. Sometimes I don’t think before I speak, and I’d like to apologise.

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The lyrics are just ‘asparagus pee’ over and over again and it’s not really to a popular tune. Maybe I’ll sneak it on the next Veins Full of Static ep. 10 minutes of sad drone followed by a jolly pissing ditty.


quite enjoy vomiting

i think the problem is you’re almost never puking when you’re feeling good, only when you’re ill. so you associate it with feeling rank. puking itself is fine.


Liquid piss?