DiS PiSs Thread (trickling)

You’ve folded to peer pressure.


Hidden bonus track before the ep, please.

I sing it to the ‘Maniacal laugh’ line from the Muppets film.


Nah, it goes up your nose and leaves your mouth tasting funny. Awful.

Even when I’ve really need to throw up and have gotten some relief from it is still a terrible experience.

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Have you ever tasted piss (yours or someone elses)

  • Yes
  • No

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Poll is anonymous

i read that scientists still don’t know why your piss smells after asparagus. and apparently no one even knows if it makes everyone’s pish smell and only some people can smell it or if it only makes some people’s pish smell

how about that


if i don’t fall asleep immediately then i am guaranteed to need a piss 15-20 minutes after getting into bed regardless of my usual pre-bed piss, and i need a further piss every 20 minutes thereafter. i still wake up feeling swollen with piss, too, it’s not right at all.

Having a scan next week that requires having an overly full bladder. Bit concerned I might wee myself during it. :woman_shrugging:

overly full? like, where’s it overflowing to?

I like that Pissoir is an actual French word that they use

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Well just needs to be very full :slightly_frowning_face: They better not delay the appointment.

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My mate Dave once urinates in his girlfriends bag at Leeds Fest on all her clothes as he was so drunk. Had to buy her more at the Oxfam tent

save it for thursday


I’d forgotten all about that scene and it’s made my morning thinking about it again.

No sexual implications attaches

Further evidence that science money is going into all the wrong places.

Hurry up and analyse my piss, Science.


have they said ‘very full’ ? they’re probably at it and you’ll be fine with half a glass of water

nb: i know nothing of medicine

I have to drink a litre of water an hour and a half before the appointment and they’ve warned if my bladder isn’t full enough they’ll cancel the scan and I’ll have to wait another three months. :grimacing:

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Good luck. I hope they act promptly, and all is fine.

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“We need to cram you choc full of water and put you under unnecessary pressure.”


Hope it goes ok!

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