DiS PL Team of the Season (polls)

  • I’ll do a poll by position. Apologies if there are any slight discrepencies. We’ll go 4-3-3.

  • There might be a few surprising names in the nominees, obviously it’s subjective but i’ve tried to be fair.

  • Apologies if i’ve missed anyone who’s been genuinely good all season.

  • Probably works better if people don’t vote for players from the club they support.

  • Voting open until the final day.

  • Obviously just for fun, like.

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  • Ryan (Brighton)
  • Ederson (City)
  • Pope (Burnley)
  • De Gea (United)
  • Pickford (Everton)
  • Fabianski (Swansea)

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  • Walker (City)
  • Valencia (United)
  • Lowton (Burnley)
  • Moses (Chelsea)…

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  • Young (United)
  • Delph (City)
  • Robertson (Liverpool)
  • Alonso (Chelsea)
  • Ward (Burnley)
  • Davies (Spurs)

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Do we have tactical flexibility to go 4-5-1?

We’ll need to flood the midfield at some point.

Tactics scholars call this approach, “wetting the bed.”


  • Hegazi (West Brom)
  • Vertonghen (Spurs)
  • Otamendi (City)
  • Azpilicueta (Chelsea)
  • Mee (Burnley)
  • Tarkowski (Burnley)
  • Dunk (Brighton)
  • Duffy (Brighton)
  • Lascelles (Newcastle)
  • Mawson (Swansea)
  • Jones (United)
  • Maguire (Leicester)
  • Monreal (Arsenal)
  • Aké (Bournemouth)
  • Sanchez (Spurs)

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No Tomkins? He’s been great for us.

A problem i have with Palace is i never know which one’s Ward, which one’s Tomkins and which one’s Kelly, despite them probably probably not looking alike and playing slightly different positions different positions.

Same with Bournemouth. They’ve got about six defenders with explorer’s names and they’re all okay at football and white guys with dark hair, but which one’s which?

Sadly a poll can’t be edited after a vote’s been cast.

They have similar Penis DarknessPenis Darkness though

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So far Ederson’s not received a vote and we’ve gone for a left-back who’s played about twelve games. Democracy, eh.

(Very nearly didn’t put Robertson in at all, but then i’d have had to not include Delph, who’s been a major reason City won the title)

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Hoping the big man will give Jose Izquierdo his rightful inclusion downthread

Full-backs are tricky, especially left-backs. There’s a real dearth of them.

Baffled at how much DiS seems to rate Harry Maguire but there you go

He’d walk into the best XI of every team in the league bar City and Spurs, surely?

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I’m probably biased but he’s been one of the few bright spots of Leicester’s season, and I’m not going to get to vote for any of our players elsewhere (expect possibly Vardy) so why not.

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He’s very good and will be at a top 5 team or arsenal by the start of next season


The majority of those players have had a large patch out due to rotation/injury/suspension btw
PL appearances this season:
Robertson - 20
Delph - 19
Davies - 27
Young - 26
Ward - 25
Alonso - 31


@AQOS @Aggpass seriously – based on this season?

I’m only going on games I’ve seen in full on the telly and I’ve only seen Leicester 5 or 6 times but he’s been very good in every one of them

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