DiS PL Team of the Season (polls)

I don’t think you need to worry about any of the white guys with dark hair Bournemouth defenders being left out of a poll for PL team of the season tbh

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yeah Alonso is clearly the pick there - 6 goals & a couple of assists too

drink-driving aside like

I don’t disagree that he’s a good player but I wouldn’t have him in my top 5 CBs in the league this season, is all I am saying.

You what?

Chipped in with a few goals and carried himself well, i think.

Also benefits from playing alongside Koscielny and Mustafi.

Okay, this is going to have be a 4-1-3-2 otherwise it’s going to be a fucking nightmare admin-wise.

Apologies in advance. Lots of people are going to cry at my catagorisations of attacking midfielders and forwards.

He’s not a specialist centre half though, he’s a left-back who sometimes plays on the left side of a three man defence.

Don’t make the thread boring, adybongo.


Hopefully we will keep Maguire locked up in the cupboard where Mahrez has been held for the last few transfer windows.

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Voted for Ward simply because of Burnleys excellent record with him and their dire record when he was injured.

Again, apologies in advance for the babies who’ll cry at a box-to-box player being slightly misdescribed, but just vote for whoever you want and that…


  • Fernandinho (City)
  • Dier (Spurs)
  • Kanté (Chelsea)
  • Ndidi (Leicester)
  • Hendrick (Burnley)
  • Matič (United)
  • Doucoure (Watford)
  • Stephens (Brighton)
  • Pröpper (Brighton)
  • Gueye (Everton)
  • Dembélé (Spurs)
  • Milivojevič (Palace)…
  • Cork (Burnley)

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  • Mahrez (Leicester)
  • Silva (City)
  • Lingard (United)
  • Özil (Arsenal)
  • Willian (Chelsea)
  • Gröss (Brighton)
  • Gudmundsson (Burnley)…
  • Ritchie (Newcastle)
  • Zaha (Palace)
  • Alli (Spurs)
  • De Bruyne (City)
  • Eriksen (Spurs)
  • Richarlison (Watford)…

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Mass exodus at Leicester this summer I think.

Huth, Musa, King, Silva (hopefully not though but why would he stay), Maguire, Mahrez, Ulloa, Slimani, Morgan, Fuchs all to go.

As long as we keep hold of Ndidi…

Yes, none of those seem unlikely to leave. I would like Wes to stay in the squad and I’ll be emotional if King leaves for good. Losing both Maguire and Ndidi would be a real blow to the spine of the team.

I know nothing of the specifics but no club would let that many first team players go bar relegation clauses.

Half of those are on loan anyway and are incredibly unlikely to break into the first team. Huth and Morgan are both done and might stay but doubt they’ll play much. Fuchs has publicly said he wants to finish his career in the US.

Maguire, Ndidi and Silva are all players we should be keeping hold of but depends who comes in for them.

Anyway sorry for making this the Leicester thread


  • Murray (Brighton)
  • Barnes (Burnley)
  • Sterling (City)
  • Kane (Spurs)
  • Vardy (Leicester)
  • Salah (Liverpool)
  • Agüero (City)
  • Mané (Liverpool)
  • Firmino (Liverpool)
  • Lukaku (United)
  • Perez (Newcastle)
  • Son (Spurs)
  • Arnautovič (Stoke/West Ham)

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Thought we were playing a 4-3-3?

Feels so harsh leaving Vardy, Firmino, Aguero and Sterling out of the team, but needs must.