DiS Positivity Day - Achievable things you want to do before the year's out


Err, you first.


finish my album. SHOULD be done by end of August latest.


need to lose a stone.

need to record another album.

would be nice if I could get my music out somewhere but I seem to have failed on that front.


move to Spain.

  • do a 200km bike ride (scheduled in for june 18th)
  • cycle to Paris in 24 hours (dunno when but probs need to book soon)
  • get the flat decorated


Will you be peddling from a stationary position whilst on the ferry?


fix that door where the handles fallen off. it’s driving everyone mad.


Buy a house.


Can you fix my door please


read this as horse and thought you had wildly shifted your priorities, was no less happy for you mind


Finish a few more short stories
Have a skeleton/make headway with the first draft of a novel
Propose/get engaged
Be a bit less terrible on Overwatch
Finish Couch to 5K



(you’re not allowed to stay with your bike during the ferry crossing unfortunately)


That seems cruel


Where are you going with your Yale locks blowing in the wind?


My aim basically boils down to anything of any meaning, but a less sadlad response would just be either making a decent recording or getting some more fulfilling employment.


Need to find somewhere new to live


Have you considered Camberwell, that looks like your sort of bag



I’m gonna be very much tied to wherever my gf ends up working and that is yet to be established. It’s making me uneasy.


haha, if the poor sod thinks he’s leaving south-east London, he’s sorely mistaken.