DiS Positivity Day - Your favourite things about your favourite things



  • Their unconditional love,
  • Their faces when they’re excited
  • Their faces when they do something goofy or slip over or something
  • When they cock their heads
  • When they have a favourite toy that undermines them in some way
  • When they have dog mates
  • When they have weird hang-ups about something (“oh he doesn’t like bikes” or whatever)


Kids meeting their heroes:

Cooking for other people:

  • The actual act of cooking is enjoyable
  • Making fancier stuff/using fancier ingredients than you normally would do
  • People saying it was nice

Larry David and his works:

  • His fascination with mundane minutia
  • His real-life disregard for social niceties
  • Recurring themes (clothing, queues, stain removal etc)
  • The creative process of starting with the ending and working backwards to get there
  • The fictional films in Seinfeld


  • Laughing
  • Meeting other babies and the weird dynamic they have
  • Their general unsteadiness



The feeling of the movement (esp. when your feet cut loose on a big move).
The way a move can go from feeling utterly impossible to completely routine, particularly when achieved through a really subtle adjustment to body position.
The glory of nature when millions of years of geological activity have left the most perfect sequence of moves on a big chunk of rock.
How bloody lovely the majority of climbers are.
How awesome the photos and videos can be.
Most importantly of all, when a big preening gym-obsessed guy gets visibly put out by a woman casually climbing the route he has been falling off as part of her warm-up.


Anime - I started to get into anime at the turn of the century and my preteen self fell in absolute love. So many great stories
books - I started reading books pretty early, was 3 when I was able to read 3 word books (those ones with a picture of a cat/dog/pot/egg etc and I would read stuff I didn’t understand just for the sake of reading, and to this day my taste in books is so broad and if we were limited to one type of entertainment media forever i would choose books, even over music
kpop - used to like the songs but didn’t get into the more fandom type stuff when I started listening to kpop about 7 years ago. Now it’s so easy with social media etc, it really gives another dimension to enjoying music. Most of the bands who have songs I adore like liars or built to spill - I couldn’t tell you anything about their ages or personalities, because it’s completely irrelevant to the music. Barely know their names tbh despite knowing their songs off by heart. But it’s different with kpop, it’s easy to know about the band members through all the entertainment shows they do and you end up wanting to support them
nature - idk I always loved the outdoors and lots of my childhood memories are tied with nature, even our holidays were usually in the wild bits of Scotland that were so far removed from London and I loved it so much. And animals are great what’s not to love
walking - I get to combine my love of music with my love of the outdoors
fighting games - I’m so impatient with games (why I never finished any final fantasy/zelda/kingdom hearts game) and the only rpgs I can handle are Pokemon and super mario, but even with Pokemon I prefer competitive battling. I love fighting games and martial arts films and i still really enjoy watching wrestling even though I haven’t followed it for a while (though recently I watched some old matches, rock and sock connection vs undertaker and big show in that buried alive match and the one where jbl breaks eddie guerrero’s face open and there was blood everywhere)


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Nerdy card games - the good ones let you feel clever when you win. Every game is a dynamic problem to be solved, while also being about creating an unsolvable puzzle for your opponent. That moment of clarity where it suddenly clicks and you read the board and you can see the path to how you’re going to win is beautiful. Executing that plan is so satisfying.

They’re also puzzles layered on puzzles. There’s the decisions you make in each game. There’s the choice of what cards you put in your deck. And there’s the meta calls of which deck type you choose to play. All interweaved.

Muff - the sound is to me what whale music must be to other people. Soothes me.



Coffee & cigarettes - tastes amazing, and despite both being stimulants is incredibly relaxing, gives you time to think during preparation and consumption and afterwards you feel ready to exist
Red wine on a Summer evening - idyllic really and I hate being cold
Things that are in the wrong place/ seem like one thing but turn out to be another - I take immense comfort from the daftness, imperfection and mystery most of human existence manages to come out with
A good stretch - Good feeling, good noise, good shape
The tiny moment you can just look at someone after they’ve said something so you’re both just arbitrarily looking at each other - Just good knowing we’re all just stood around here for no reason but it’s ok
Sad songs - Make me feel less alone, and there’s more beauty in a sad truth than a happy lie
Albert Camus - Right about almost everything, utterly beautiful prose, all round cool cat
Christmas - People make an effort, reconnecting, being drunk at lunchtime is expected


Riding my bike: just read this – https://medium.com/@plasticniki/my-bike-changed-my-life-c08ac26766ff

(If you cba: the way it allows my mind to have some rest from the awful drudgery of modern life / how it keeps me fit / how it allows me to discover new places constantly / how it allows me to not worry or think about what I eat [I never did this before I cycled but now I *really* do pig out all the time] / how it’s allowed me to meet loads of awesome folk in bike club and allowed me to share my love of cycling by showing other people the great countryside literally on our doorstep / the cycling holidays and memories I’ve got / the feeling of ending a long bike ride with a good bit of brunch or just a coffee or maybe a beer / the feeling of getting to the top of a hill thinking “I just did that” when you couldn’t before, or maybe it was just has hard as before but you still did it / amazing roads you can cycle / riding in the dark when it feels like a computer game / riding for fucking miles and miles and looking on a map and thinking “yeah we got there all under our own POWER” / buying bike nerd gear, fucking love this shit / that’s probably it.)


Oh ffs Niki, we were having a nice thread here

Really, really loved that blog post, friend. It was a wonderful read when you posted it a while back :slight_smile:


Was so tempted to spoiler block the whole thing out but fuck you all!!!


Drag Race lip syncs

  • when the queens interact with each other during a lip sync
  • when they get a bit sexy with each other (Adore v Trinity during Vibeology is the gold standard. so hot omg)
  • when the song is an absolute banger you’ve never heard before and you’re immediately off to Spotify to cane it into your earholes
  • Ru cackling during/at the end of a performance
  • when they do a style of lip sync you’ve not seen before (oh hey Peppermint)
  • when they do amazing death drops or jump splits or cartwheels at appropriate moments
  • when you think a queen’s going to be rubbish at lipsyncing and then they TURN. IT. OUT. (Dida Ritz)
  • when something insane happens (Mimi Imfurst picking up India Ferrah, VALENTINA’S MASK)
  • good ruveals!!
  • when both of them get to stay (Tatianna and Alyssa!!!)
  • when both of them get eliminated and you’re gagging with the drama


one of the things i love about doing stuff outdoors (not just cycling but hill walking or whatever) is that I’m now really aware of the seasons. it probably sounds pretty stupid, but now I take notice of what time it gets light & when it gets dark, what the average temperature for the week is & I know how that will feel in different conditions. you notice the landscape changing around you throughout the year and it’s nice.


I’d add to this great list:

When you’re the first in a group of friends to figure out the move that unlocks a problem
Watching a friend do something awesome
The way that a climb stops my brain from thinking about anything else


yep – totally. it’s also really changed the way I feel about seasons. used to not really be a fan on summer but now I bloody love summer don’t I?


My cat, cotton: He is desperate to finally get outside, but if you open the back door when he’s around he’s too nervous. I will be taking him out into the wide world (back garden) with me on Monday and feel a lot like I imagine proud fathers feel.

My wife: she is, essentially, an absolutely nails entrepreneur making good money from teaching a lot of people how to dance ballet. It just completely blows my mind that she’s done this from a starting point of no funds, no investment, and is now a ‘name’ around SE London to the point that people say hello to her in the street constantly. She is incredible and there’s a lot about her I love obviously but that in particular makes my heart go mega proud.

My male friends: these are important to me for a lot of reasons but chiefly because after a long tumultuous and mainly bad relationship with my father over the years, feeling close to male friends has been quite a surprising road. I’ve tended to surround myself with women since I was little, but there’s a lot of happiness I’ve found having a beer with the guys every so often, especially a couple who have basically become a rock for me in the past decade.

My female friends: have saved me more times than I can count, and i owe a huge amount of them a great deal, but my favourite thing is very definitely how strongly they’ve taken to my wife. It is not always easy to have female pals when you’re in a relationship but i haven’t had that problem, because my girl mates have gotten on with my wife so strongly that literally right now two of them are having coffee with her while i’m at work. I consider myself extremely lucky for that alone.

My kitchen: It’s big enough that I can chat to whoever i’m cooking for, or alternatively space out and listen to records while I make food. It’s such a good feeling that lately i’ve caught myself constructing elaborate meals so that i spend more time making them, just to relax. I love it.

Boxing: I love taking a punch and not falling down. Sounds dumb, but the first time i got hit heavy in the face and carried on fighting made me feel like a million dollars.



  • 2 QIs with the Q on a triple letter to properly irk the amateur you’re playing against for 62 points for 1 or 2 tiles
  • a bingo when you’re losing
  • winding up family members with 2 and 3 letter words


  • being able to completely pig out and not care about it
  • the really rapid improvement when you’re starting out
  • getting a completely blank mind and losing half an hour without realising it

Football (playing):

  • when you’ve got the ball in central midfield under pressure, opponent thinks he’s got you and you spread it out to your full back.
  • pretending to hit a big clearance, having someone jump to block it and just letting it run out of play for a throw in or goal kick
  • Anything that hits the underside of the bar on the way in

Football (watching)

  • Andy Carroll


  • Going to the bar afterwards and finding yourself picking up on things you hadn’t really thought about during the film for the next 3-4 hours


basketball: I’ve had sleep problems pretty much my entire life and I’ve found that sticking on live nba (games usually start around 11:30 UK time) really helps me get to sleep. I’ve always liked the sport, and enjoyed playing it, but didn’t massively follow the NBA until around 2011 when my sleep problems were at their worst due to really bad anxiety. I find the rhythm of the game extremely relaxing - not in a counting sheep, boring way since its very fast paced, but more to do the ebb and flow and intrinsic artistry of the sport. Since then, I’ve watched countless basketball documentaries, read loads of books on the game, catch up on basketball news every day, started playing the sport again and even joined a local team. It’s just been a really positive experience that sort of came out of nowhere.

what began as something to take my mind off things and help me get to sleep has turned into something I take a lot of interest in, and I think that’s pretty cool.


Wazzo jugs.