DiS post-move clearout: injokes


Time to get rid of some injokes, we’ve got too many and they mostly reek
let’s start with binning the following:

  • saying Bournemouth have lots of money
  • telling marckee to apologise

there’s room in the attic for:

  • saying things aren’t in London

If you tag yourself as part of the threads you make
  • we = Sheff Wed


You’re at rick of embedding these even more than they are already here.


shrewbie’s wigs taking a tumble.


c’mon rick!


Keep bournemouth , drop Wagons


That excited for/about nonsense. Wasn’t ever funny, fuck it off.

  • get rid of them all
  • i’m a massive baby who loves forcing injokes and being part of the in crowd

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Get rid of every single one.


I think we’re definitely post banter AND post in-jokes at this point.

Also think the ‘shifts’ themselves are totally redundant


Forcing in jokes? That sounds a bit painful.


‘no chat’


Can we get rid of £6 toast pls?


just ban maosm


I agree, we need to go back to your origin stories - your name is Desk, and you live in a caravan.


It would be good but that’s London for you, innit? (It’s probably up to £7 now.)


yes we can


Hahaha, I forgot about the caravan. All set for the winter, meo?

(In your caravan)


Ffs I don’t live in a caravan who started that


perhaps he can be more a caretaker of a dusty shelf of disisms, ensuring that they’re never used outside of his log (NOT mushroom log)