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I don’t know if the vibe here has been “people shouldn’t share posts publicly” rather than “Sean shouldn’t pick & choose posts to share to DiS social media without at least consulting the poster first.” The latter seems pretty reasonable to me.


It’s a “can” vs “should” thing though, isn’t it. It’s not some law of nature that the site owner has to repost funny posts on Twitter to drive clicks and it’s not like it happens automatically without a load of very deliberate choices along the way.


Thought that my consternation at the last Menless Monday thread being posted despite my specific request for it not to might have changed this but here we are.

I know this is a public forum and people can see what we post here blahblahblah but to me there’s a marked difference between that and amplifying it to a wider and much larger audience that spreads it beyond people we know and maybe trust. Stuff like this genuinely makes me want to just sack this place off tbh.


Feels off that Sean talks a lot how all of his posts on the socials get a load of toxic attention, but is then posting forum posts to that audience.


It’s tricky because I agree, and if I got a message asking if a specific post could be shared, I’d potentially be happy with that, but by proxy you’re also linking direct to other people’s posts in the conversation who may not be happy with it.

Probably reads terribly that, but I think it makes sense.

Mostly what @Funkhouser said though.

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I don’t want to precipitate another long dark night of the soul for sean (and it goes without saying we are, and should be, incredibly grateful for the site he created and the community that has been built here) but my stance for a long time has been that the controls and structure the users of this site want is incompatible with the current mode of ownership and operation.


Sean is quite free to quote any of my great content posted here on twitter and he is free to use my real name for credit.

Yours Sincerely

Imon Safari


Ah, of the Knightsbridge Safaris?


I hardly ever do it. I thought the comment was hilarious and was highlighting it.

I have now deleted the tweet but I’m curious how anyone feels we’ll pick up any new users (replenishing those who stop posting) (or reminding people we exist to come back) without occasionally sharing a few gems from the forums.

For the record, just 6% of our followers saw the tweet and there were nasty replies

I wouldn’t share anything in bad faith but I understand why people might assume bad faith as a default.

Feel free to DM me your concerns so I can address them.

I don’t think anybody is assuming bad faith, it’s just a preference that this… not happen.


It’s not assuming bad faith in you, it’s knowing how awful Twitter and Facebook can be, which you also know.

I’d vote for checking with the poster before sharing elsewhere.


This sort of thing makes me less likely to post and was a big factor in me taking a break last year. It’s a public forum etc etc but I don’t like being reminded how public it is.



And is this the same for never sharing links to threads of interest?

Another vote for this kind of thing making me less likely to post.

I appreciate the thought in trying to replenish the user base, but if it makes a lot of us anxious and potentially cause some to leave, it doesn’t seem worth it.


I’m all good man, I don’t have an issue with you sharing stuff on socials, this isn’t a concern for me.

My post was about the fact that issues like this keep recurring, and it feels to me like many posters want a level of control over how the site is run (like, how are DiS’s social channels used?) that doesn’t really match up with how things currently work.

I’m not advocating for any change right here, and I certainly don’t want to cause you any upset or stress about it.


I would never share something problematic on purpose. Having managed social channels for big orgs I know the difference between what will be enjoyed by others and what’s throwing red meat for enragement.

I don’t think there are any examples of me sharing other people’s posts in bad faith.

I guess my non accusatory question on this is why do it? I mean, DiS isn’t a thing anymore, and the forum’s it’s own wee self-sustaining (i think?) thing…

I’m just curious as to the reason why it is done. No bad faith assumed! It’s a genuine question.

I mean, christ, a decade ago a whole thread on here was copy-pasted into a book that was sold on Amazon! This is a public place, and everyone needs to remember that. I just know that a few folk do feel that if one of us had a reach of 10k folk, and then screen grabbing that on Twitter would be questioned as well - it’s not just you, sean, ya feel me.

PS <3 you for this place, don’t think of this as an attack.


please don’t remind me. STILL waiting for the royalties.