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Put all the boards under whatever functionality stops the SSP threads being included in the newsletter, then nothing goes in. Maybe have a Newsletter board that isn’t covered by it where we exclusively post fish puns and quiz team names to get sent out to the wider world.


I don’t think that’s necessarily true- I think Sean is working within the constraints of a forum that he didn’t build. It’s not perfect by any stretch but he acknowledges that and does the best he can… I dunno. I’m sorry lovely, I think maybe my input now isn’t helping or providing anything useful so maybe my time to bow out.

Love you always though funky! Xx

:zipper_mouth_face: time for me on that note. Don’t want my edit button taken away now do I.

I think it would be a good idea if you started a thread asking how people ended up here

might even be helpful in terms of how to find new people

According to the meta discourse forum there is of was a setting to disable digest emails completely.

Unfortunately at no point is it explained where that setting is.

Possibly @justindirose can tell us how to shut these digest emails off.

Certainly I’d say they should only take posts from the music forum and classifieds if they are being sent out.


Well as long as people saw Ella’s masterpiece of a meme then that’s something

That was my understanding. It’s automated. I’ll check how few people these goto. It’s all part of Discourse and I wasn’t aware they even still go out.

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It wasn’t done for clicks. It was done for showing how funny some of the 1000s of contributions a day to the forum are.

I have listened and I won’t be doing it again.


Perhaps what’s most unnerving is the automated aspect of the newsletter. I’ve noticed that Sean (@sean) has posted e.g. links to Album of the Year threads etc in the past on social channels and I think that’s a good and nice way to get word about the forum out there. Not sure there’s any need for additional content selected by a computer being shared.

This is not done for any malicious or marketing purposes, it’s literally a default setting on the server that users can opt in and out of, and I doubt many people have time to read the emails.

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Absolutely man! We’re all aware that the intricacies of Discord’s sharing/engagement software was not coded by you haha, it’s an external service right with its own quirks etc. At the end of the day we’re all still learning how all this works innit :+1:

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Sorry Sean, I think I explained my my point really terribly because I was trying to back you a bit. Ahhh I don’t know, sorry

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If you’re fine with them not going out anymore, then I can for sure sort that out! I thought I would have to do the same thing with all the different categories that I’ve done with Selfies, SSP and so on to keep them from going in the emails, BUT it turns out there is now a super simple “Disable summary emails for all users” option that I can click!

For everyone’s FYI, the emails have been a strictly opt-IN business since March last year, with several categories being excluded, as per the thread that @hip_young_gunslinger linked to in post #93 of this thread.

Of course, another option is what @1101010 suggested above, which may or may not generate more activity/new users:

I think this calls for a poll tbh.

  • Bin the whole thing off
  • Keep the Music and Classifieds threads in there
  • Keep it as it is
  • Generic coward option

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@sean and @moderators please look at this, thank you


Let’s do it if it makes everyone feel more comfortable.




Keeps making me wonder if we’re migrating again when I see the former.

Also, on that, but also on a slight tangent, my professional industry body uses Discourse for it’s members’ forum, which is always nicely jarring, with a high temptation for posting DiSms in response to serious business industry chat because the interface and layout are so similar.


Done! Bye bye automated emails!


As discussed, I will do the odd post about the music forum but nowhere else and not screenshot any posts without approval

Hope this is ok?