DiS Quarantine Online Film Club #2: MARS ATTACKS!

Welcome to round 2 of the film club! This will take place on Saturday at 8pm. This time, the category is Sci-Fi & Fantasy!

Please click here to see what films are on offer. If anything catches your fancy, you may suggest one or two titles in this thread, the deadline for doing so is at Friday at 8pm (I will be reminding you by bumping this thread). Please note that only titles that are listed in the Netflix Sci-Fi & Fantasy section will be accepted.

Once the deadline has been reached, I will post a poll with the suggested titles and we vote! Poll closes at 6pm on Saturday, 2 hours before watching commences. You have the option of joining in a live chat in a DM thread as we all watch the film (you can sign up for this later on), or you can wait for the discussion thread which will be posted once the film has finished.

Looking forward to seeing your suggestions!

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You may only suggest TWO

My suggestion for this is The Endless:


I second Princess Mononoke, one of my all time fav films
Otherwise is Arrival on Netflix? Everyone says that’s good

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Don’t see it in this category anyhow

LotR: The Two Towers
Princess Mononoke
Robocop (1987)
The Thing
Troll Hunter
Wonder Woman
World’s End

Edit: Oh, you said two…

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2001: A Space Odyssey

the bourne films are sci fi so any of those (the good ones, not the ones that don’t exist)

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Can someone else suggest one of mine please?

I don’t think Hellboy is very good but I really enjoyed it.

I enjoyed Lucy a lot.

Videodrone is a David Cronenberg film.

yeah he does a voice in that doesnt he. bourne plays rugby please wr


The one where Bourne gets stuck on top of a diving board at the swimming baths.



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I second The Endless, great film. That or Videodrome which I’ve been meaning to rewatch for ages.

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Fast Color

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Mars Attack
Ex Machina

Probably can’t join on Saturday tho so cheerfully ignore if you wish

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Teenage Space Vampires

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Mars Attacks is so fucking great


can we do the entire riddick franchise

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