DiS Quarantine Online Film Club #2: MARS ATTACKS!

Don’t be riddickulous

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Ex machina

Dont think I’ve seen any of the films listed except Mars Attacks, so will defer to better knowledge.

I’m only suggesting films I’ve not seen, so that I can finally get to see them!

OKAY now that the quiz has finished, I’m giving this baby a final bump! Suggestions welcome until 8pm today, and then the poll comes up, and will remain open until 6pm tomorrow.

Absolutely everyone is welcome to join!

has anyone else nominated The Thing?

i’ll say that if not

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It’s not in the list on Netflix tho (unless this is one of those that’s different for me)

That’s the remake

Please not that


Is that the list from the link that I posted in the OP though

Very in for this on Saturday evening. Happy to watch whatever everyone else wants to watch

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yeah! but @grievoustim is right, it’s the remake :frowning_face:

so I retract my nomination

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Weird, looks a lot different for me. OH WELL

Surprised no pedant has jumped in to point out that Carpenter’s version is also a remake, but that would be showing off I guess


i think one just has!!

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I mean, obviously I could be that pedantic, but then I’d also have to be Team “Star Wars only refers to the first film” and I don’t want that life



Not fussed cos I probably haven’t seen it :joy:

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apparently the remake is a prequel… hmm

might watch this :grimacing:

It’s not awful, it’s one of those half prequels, kind of a remake things. It’s just no where near as good as the good one

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