DiS Quarantine Online Film Club #3: PRINCESS MONONOKE

Welcome to round 3 of the film club! This will take place on Wednesday at 8pm . This time, we’ll be watching a film from Studio Ghibli!

Please click here to see what films are on offer. If anything catches your fancy, you may suggest one or two titles in this thread, the deadline for doing so is at Tuesday at 8pm (I will be reminding you by bumping this thread).

Once the deadline has been reached, I will post a poll with the suggested titles and we vote! Poll closes at 6pm on Wednesday, 2 hours before watching commences. You have the option of joining in a live chat in a DM thread as we all watch the film (you can sign up for this later on), or you can wait for the discussion thread which will be posted once the film has finished.

Looking forward to seeing your suggestions!

Arigato :jp: :jp:


Tried watching one of these last week and gave up before the intro credits had finished, so I might actually get involved with this.


I can’t do this but have seen a load of Ghibbers in the last few weeks including some new ones on me. Most recently The Cat Returns. Fucking nuts off course.

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Pom Poko :raccoon:

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Oooh! I’ve only seen Pom Poko, Porco Rosso, The Cat Returns, Arrietty, Nausiica, and Kiki’s Delivery Service. Basically I used to buy one a month from the numbered DVD collection (UK) in order if HMV in town had it in stock.

Not seen the big hitters like Howl’s Moving Castle or Spirited Away.

My nominations therefore go to any of the others.

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After the 2 previous films it’ll be an incredible relief to see something that isn’t American, tbh. (Not dissing those 2 films at all, just saying)

Ack dak ak akkadak ack aCKK :alien:

Still love those little guys

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I’ve seen most Ghibli films already and I’m starting to watch them on Netflix again, but I’d be up for this.

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not spirited away or my nibling totoro because i watched them v. recently

i’d go princess mononoke.

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I’ve seen so little of the Ghibli catalogue that I’m going to let other people to the suggesting and possibly even the voting.



I’ve seen most of them and rewatched a few recently. Will participate anyway but hoping it’s not one I’ve seen in the last fortnight!

I’ll nominate spirited away and totoro

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(happy to watch anything ofc)

Even though I love Ghibli I was still amazed at how good Nausicaa and Spirited Away were when I rewatched them recently


Well up for this. Only seen Totoro, so whatever really

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Why just one?

Best animation studio ever? Much better than that dickhead Disney. Just wonderful, wonderful stuff

I’ll probably vote for mononoke but you’d suggested it already. Just wanting to make sure we get a good selection of the best ones for ppl to choose from!

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might as well stick them all up for the vote eh

We literally picked one film from the category «Fantasy & Sci-Fi» last time, so I think we’ll manage to settle for one from a specific studio this time