DiS Quarantine Online Film Club #3: PRINCESS MONONOKE

If there was one studio to break the rules for… :slight_smile:

Edit: if it’s one would probably recommend Spirited Away, Mononoke or Howl’s Moving Castle

Was reading the first nausicaa book so I’d like to watch that

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I’d like to NOT watch Howl’s


Ive seen them all apart from:

when Marnie was there
the wind rises
only yesterday
the tale of princess kaguya

But as lots of people haven’t seen many, we should go for one of the bangers:
Mononoke; Totoro; Spirited Away; Nausicaa


I’m sure I’ve seen them all, and have watched Mononoke and Spirited Away recently. So I’ll suggest Nausicaa and Castle In The Sky.

Pom Poko Pom Poko Pom Pom Pom

(actually only watched it last week, bit would totally watch it again already)

Dubs or Subs tho?

Subs 4 sho


difficult to read subs and piss about on the internet at the same time but i’ll give it my best


As I discovered watching Porco Rosso, the wording of the subs and the English dub are hugely different. Had to with with the dub for the boy but had the subs on as the baby was making a racket. The subs are much racier…

I evaluate them on a case by case basis personally. Some have really great English voice casts (Kiki and Pom Poko spring to mind especially)

Also, like @japes said, more difficult to chat along with subs.

My kids are obsessed with them at the moment, so blistering through them. So far have had:

  • Castle in the sky
  • Kikis special delivery service
  • My neighbour Totoro
  • Spirited away
  • Howl’s moving castle
  • Ponyo

Probably Princess Mononoke or Pom Poko next on the list for us

Dunno how old your kids are, but that ones a bit more ‘grown up’ than the ones youve listed.

We watched it the other day. He was fine with people having their arms and heads arrowed off.


Hmm… may look into it first. The eldest is 4 and a half. I thought Spirited Away might be a little much for her and kept asking if she was enjoying it, but she absolutely loved it. If there’s a lot of arms and heads being chopped off then I may save it for another time.

Pom Poko it is!

I guess people can decide for themselves, as we’re not physically watching it together after all. I don’t want to watch it dubbed into English, in any case (I might be more used to watching subtitled stuff, idk).

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Doesn’t change the running times or anything so quite convenient for people to make their own choices :slight_smile:

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i guess they watch the dubbed version?

was wondering how old kids would have to be to enjoy totoro

i have started watching EVERYTHING with subtitles on. i am old and my hearing is bad.

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Also good for when you’re eating