DiS Quarantine Online Film Club #4: FRUITVALE STATION

Welcome to the next instalment of the film club! This one will take place on Monday at 8pm UK time. And because it’s Easter, the theme for this one is crime films!

Click here to see what is on offer. It is a very varied selection, this one! You’re welcome to look other places on Netflix than just that page, but please note that only fiction films will be included in the poll.

If anything catches your fancy, you may suggest one or two titles in this thread, the deadline for doing so is on Sunday at 8pm (I will be reminding you by bumping this thread).

Once the deadline has been reached, I will post a poll with the suggested titles and we vote! Poll closes at 6pm on Monday, 2 hours before watching commences. You have the option of joining in a live chat in a DM thread as we all watch the film (you can sign up for this later on), or you can wait for the discussion thread which will be posted once the film has finished.

Looking forward to seeing your suggestions!



Please can we not do Uncut Gems though.


shit, it’s not on netflix



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how about infernal affairs?

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Heat (1995)

LA Confidential

Watched Gomorah today, was probably decent but I was grumpy when I watched it. Not as good as Heat.

been meaning to watch destroyer and sweet virginia so those maybe, unless they’re properly dark, in which case the fugitive

Haven’t seen 22 July yet and would quite like to.

I don’t want to see it tbh. Still feels too close. So if we could avoid that I’d be thankful.

I’m gonna be looking for some classic detective stories to suggest, that’s what we go crazy for over here for Easter.

Trying to think of any specific crime fiiiiiilllmmmmssss to suggest (but tbh, I’m more hyped about seeing a suggestion for something I’ve not heard of from you lot)

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Divines (2016) is meant to be really good, I nominate that

Double indemnity


I’m going to pretend I’m watching heat


my second nomination is Minority Report and also Heat

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Very cool choices, Shrewbs. Very cool indeed.

crime is very cool tbh

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Normal crime = Very cool
Normal criminals = Very cool
Future crime = Very cool
Future criminals = Very cool


Midnight Run (1988) dir: Martin Brest
The Raid 2 (2014) dir: Gareth Evans

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