DiS Quiet Carriage



Users are asked to respect the peace and quiet by refraining from loud conversations, using mobile phones or playing loud music.


Can I knit in here?




I can fuck you up with these needles you know


You may knit one, but you MAY NOT purl one.


Is it like ones on the trains?

full of cunts


Excuse me, this is the quiet carriage


I think someone’s sat in my reserved seat?

What’s the protocol here?


Best tune to play over train tannoy while guard is distracted?



  • sorry sir
  • sorry can i just
  • ah yep, sorry i’ll just try to
  • thanks for that thanks that’s
  • i- sorry
  • thanks, sorry
  • great i’ll just squeeze past
  • sorry.

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No, I think you’ll find it’s my seat.

Let me see your ticket there…

Pockets your ticket and sits back down


Guys, can you keep it down, I am trying to have a doze, ta.




Has a coughing fit


Sorry guys, I need to take this


Flicks broadsheet


Opens a big bag of crisps