DiS Rainy Day Fund


as per chat in

be nice if people who can afford it could kick in a few quid to help out DiSers who are struggling.

don;t know how we’re gonna organise it but this is a good place to discuss that.

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As stated in other thread, happy to chip in a fiver a month on payday


hadn’t seen that thread but had the same thought a few weeks ago, would be extremely up for contributing something to this


As mentioned in the other thread I’m more than happy to contribute every month, rather than people resorting to pay day loans.

Perhaps a poll of potentical admins for the fund, but not me as im not really known enough.


Yeah, this. Good idea IMO.


i don’t really know how to organise things but yeah.

  • need a group of people willing to look after the money is important obvs. so volunteers for that… i’ll do it, @stupidsexyflanders said he would too, probably need someone more well regarded also. can you have a paypal that needs transactions signing off by multiple ppl?

edit - if you’d do this please say so

  • be nice if it could be confidential so people aren’t embarrassed, dunno how you’d do that?

edit - i mean someone would have to know who it was but not the boards if that was ok?


So, if this is happening, I’d chip in for sure. To at least absolve myself after suggesting payday loans in the other thread.


Think some of the footbal threaders should run the investment portfolio and runitup


Another idea (not sure if its good). But if we are all contributing monthly and no one is claiming for a while, perhaps when the fund hits a certain value, some is donated to Shelter or similar.


Aye. @DarwinBabe might be a good contact for this, the Laptop idea was hers. She’s also a good egg, maybe the admin of it?


agreed. be good to let people volunteer rather than volunteering them tho.


Makes sense to me. Think it’s a bit of a shame some people go through stages of not having a pot to piss in and other have got two gaffs. I’ve been on both sides of it (having and not having money, not two houses, obviously), i’m sure most of you have. It’s mad how cashflow can suddenly catch up with you or a couple of decisions or bit of bad fortune can have such a big effect. There have been a couple of times when people have said they’ve not got money for food, ffs.

I think we should set up small monthly direct debits for those willing and able to contribute, say £5 a month and £10 a month, keep it simple. Try and build the number of contributors up, but also share the Paypal address with anyone interested in making one-off payments, no matter how small.

Maybe the person running it can give us a monthly update on the running total. Maybe we could also think about donating a percentage to the upkeep of the website once a month?


I’d be happy to chip in.

Some of the questions that might need answering:
Would it be grants or loans? I’m assuming interest free in the case of the latter.
Is there a maximum amount that would be given at any one time?
Is there a mechanism to decide on who gets cash and for what?
Where is the money kept?
Are there any regulations that a purely private fund like this would need to comply with?


Good point


Might a charity be the right way to go?

If even a modest group donated a few quid a month you’d have quite a bit as time goes on.

Writing a governing document collaboratively might be tricky though.


i was assuming grants. loans seems like a lot of work.
i think there should be a max & a max held in the account at any time also.
the mechanism is tricky - think a board wide thing would be very embarrassing, not sure people would use it.


would happily throw in a few pounds a month if we did this in a way that was really fair and helpful for people (that’s all I can afford - only just getting financially stable again after months of being really skint).

I dont think you realistically need to set up a charity for what is essentially just friends helping each other out

also definitely up for things like chipping in to buy people’s train fares if they cant make it to something they want to go to like the picnic we’re having in April, or going walking (think Eric is organising this)

you’re all such fab people x


I agree, loans would be onerous to chase and not quite in the spirit. You can grant people money with the suggestion that they pay it back into the charity fund if they want when times are better.


very good idea


So should we agree to just cap it at £5 a month for regular contributors then (and just share the Paypal address for people to make adhoc donations)?

Should literally be as easy as someone setting up a Paypal account.