DiS Referendum Results (and banal, if you wish)

Posting a new thread as I’m sure a lot of people gave up when the waffle started :wink:

Motions were passed if they scored more than 50%. Threshold of voters = > 50 users.


This forum WILL:

Ban smoking

Introduce a much higher rate of tax for 2nd homes

Nationalise the Pharmaceutical Industry

Bin the Royal Family

Nationalise Public Transport

Ban hard shell tacos

Ban referendums and leave it to the experts

Introduce proportional representation

Ban polls that don’t show results until they’re closed

Increase tax on every subsequent flight you take in a year

Make wages visible to everyone

Cap wages to a multiple of the median pay of every employee

Replace the Lord’s Prayer with Dub Be Good To Me

Forks will have an extra prong but prongs will be thinner

Ban sensible polls

Make non-recyclable plastic illegal

Make shoppers pass an exam and get a license to use a self-service checkout

Replace CEOs with council workers

Make driver retake their test every 10 years

Allow all drugs to be legalised

Make housing a statutory citizen’s right

Make not pronouncing the letter h illegal

Make university tuition free

Rotate labour amongst citizens

Abolish House of Lords, install separate parliaments in each of the UK nations and a UK senate

Teach same-sex marriage and sex education in primary schools

Wage cap for under 23 football players

Wage cap on all football players (I think?)

Lower the voting age to 16

Restriction on number of chains/franchises in an area

Introduce a cap on the amount of space advertising can take up

Legalise prostitution


This forum will NOT

Introduce a pedestrian lane for slow walkers

Change north, south, east, west to up, down, left, right

Reduce the copyright period to 7 years

Make owning land or property illegal

Restrict internet/tv usage to three hours a day

Abolish universities

Implement 100% income tax on earning about 40k

Nationalise porn

Lower the voting age to 14

Music will not sit a strict disco test before release

Introduce National Service

Prohibit people from specialising in subjects at a young age

Refit all doors to accommodate the worlds tallest person


Waiting on the lady BaBa result





Something about this has done me

So I don’t get to be an MP?!? Me right now:


would hate to be the world’s tallest person right now :cry:

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To be fair I didn’t scroll all the way to the bottom to see if any poll had more than 50 voters so if you can find the proof…

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43 voters. So close!

I don’t recall anything being laid down about quorums before voting started.

My thread, my rules.

(If you have the time to go through the thread and collate the rest, go for it. I stopped because 1. CBA 2. the voting of the latter polls is skewed towards a subset of users when a lot of people gave up)

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I avoid all brexit threads for the sake of my own MH so I have no real clue how all of this came into being but can I just say that these are pretty much without exception a great bunch of results (GBOR) and I wholeheartedly endorse them.

edit: just seen there was a huge polling thread earlier which passed me by because I’ve been in the classroom all day. As you were.

We only managed to nationalise two things in that entire thread? What a disappointment.


No-one thought to put forward a motion to just nationalise everything :frowning:

to the victor go the spoils

Only about half way through that thread, hope there’s some more juicy bits

Not sure this is EXACTLY what we signed up to

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I have a cunning plan.