DiS Rocket League

Mentioned in the Gaming Thread that it’d be good to have a group session on Rocket League one night this week. Seems we could form a cross platform party. If we were to do this at 8pm would there be interest for a particular night?

  • Monday 5/8/19
  • Tuesday 6/8/19
  • Wednesday 7/8/19
  • Thursday 8/8/19

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Let me know if a different time would be more suitable.
(Apologies to anyone who stumbles in here not realising Rocket League is a videogame, I imagine the thread title is exciting).

Would definitely be up for this

should i buy rocket league on the nintendo switch?

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Finally kicked the habit earlier this year. Have fun though!

Reckon it’s got some of the best game play on the system. Cheaper than most full price games and on sale pretty often.

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good god yes

Crazy busy this week but I’m up for this in the future

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Fuck yeah, I’m terrible but keen to play.

On Steam, right? I’m lizardhips.

I’m really bad at rocket league but would play if you all are. Can we chat over microphones?

I’m a bit confused, and I’ve tried to look online, but how much does this game cost to play? On PC, online is free, but these Rocket Passes, what do they do? And is it pay2win?

edit - from what I gather, the Pass is just for horse armor, and other cosmetic crap. So I guess you can still play a good amount of this game for the base (store) price only

I’ve only got it for Switch unfortunately so no mic but I guess I can listen and spam the ‘Nice Shot’ button.

I’ve spent 20 hours in it and never spent any money outside of the base game, as far as I’m aware the additional payments are just for cosmetics, different cars, exhausts, goal celebration, weird little hats, etc. You can unlock some of these simply by playing the on-line, the paid content shouldn’t give you an artificial advantage.


I’ve played 2,500 games of Rocket League since the release day

Think I like DropShot just as much as standard mode now, plus I’m much better at it.

I’ve never even tried it. Got a feeling this isn’t going to go well for me.

Yeah it’s purely cosmetic stuff, done in annoying loot box fashion. I’ve bought a few keys to get shiny new hats now and again - purely because I’ve played around 200 hours after paying £14 for it. I felt I owed them a few quid. You can’t get any advantages by paying money - unless you’re easily psyched out by annoying goal celebrations or stupid car decals I guess.

I’m annoyingly busy atm otherwise I’d be well up for this. Don’t let the number of hours I’ve put in fool you though - I’m really quite terrible.

JS24 is the rocketid

I need help

Let’s do this I’m ready

Sorry, I didn’t follow the poll up. Not really been in this week. Will be on-line for the next hour or so, my Rocket pass is zorb90997 if anyone is about.