DiS Royal Rumble 2018 Thread!

ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN TO SEND 29 DiSers over the top rope to ultimate glory and a shot for the title at DiSsermania 2018.

Reply below if you are declaring your entry into this year’s Rumble and I’ll randomly assign you a number once we get to 30. To confuse things, for the first time ever there are two Rumbles tonight with the historic inaugural Women’s match so maybe we can do something with both, let’s see how many reply first.

Reply with IN (puns encouraged)

RomIN Reigns

irwIN r schyster

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BrokIN Matt Hardy


I Never really understand this.


LegoIN of Doom

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It’s just a bit of fun fucks sake :joy:

Should add Rumble chat is ENCOURAGED

Sami ZayIN

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Preddo for the big match:

  • Nakinaks
  • Big Dawg
  • D-Bry
  • Miz
  • Other (please state)

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I wouldn’t have voted for D-Bry but the way they’ve been building his character on the smack of downs makes me think something is up. Unless they’re just trolling me

Is this the Rumble chat thread too then?

Don’t watch wrestling at all except for the Rumble and then the run to the post-Wrestlemania Raw. What’s happening? Who’s getting pushed? Who are the likely contenders to win?

think it’s gonna be someone from smackdown, as raw have the EC as their next ppv and I don’t think brock is scheduled to be there so I assume they’ll do a #1 contender chamber match.

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Same I’m well out of the loop

Who do we (knowledgeable wrestling fans) all hate these days?

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scott steINer


Aye that’s nailed on for the big dawg after braun goes mental and bends the whole structure over his knee or something
Unless Brock somehow drops it tonight but c’mon

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Oh man Reigns winning the belt in the chamber then defending against a returning Brock is the swerve nobody wants, bet it happens now.

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