DiS (SE) London Meat, Saturday 29th September?

Anyone about*? Anyone willing to schlep to SE London (Catford**) for some drinks in arguably London’s best pub, the Blythe Hill Tavern?

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  • fuck off m9

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*some bike wankers are visiting and we will be having some fun times and drinks after riding our bicycles.

**easily accessible from north of the river via Thameslink to Catford or other rail services via Catford Bridge and also Overground via Forest Hill.

What I’ve noticed about people who live in South London is that they always want people to come to south London



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(getting married the next day. Probably shouldn’t)


I am seeing a play at 4pm in south London and therefore could well be up for attending such an event.


I’d have been up for this but sadly am off to Manchester that day. Have fun!!

(Nikkers are you going to Dulwich v Tonbridge in the FA cup next Saturday? I’m on holiday :frowning: stonker of a match tho.)

I think I’m due to go to the fucking Isle of Wight :frowning:

I’d be happy to schlep it down there, but I’m meant to be going for lunch with my dad and his partner that day :-1:

We all have doubts. Talk it over with your partner before making a huge mistake.


Make it like an episode of Eastenders when they go on the stag the night before the wedding (which no one ever ever does) and wake up in France.


I work, but don’t live, in London any more, so weeknights are my London meat preference.

@anon29812515 I used to live in London. In Surbiton, which is obviously in London. From Wikipedia: “Surbiton is a suburban neighbourhood of south-west London within the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.”


I think some of the beer wankers were planning drinks on that day.

Sadly I will be in Oxfordshire that weekend. Sorry! But we should get a drink sometime anyway given we live so close.

I have bought my jumper, just awaiting my invite.

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Will be driving back from Dorchester v Hendon, sadly. Otherwise it would have been a resounding yes from me.

I live nearish Catford now in St. Johns/Lewisham, but it’s very rota dependent as I’m away during that week so will need to work

well the rest of the time we always have to come up the other end without any complaints so y’know

Surbiton, you mean?

pardon you

I’ll be there so this one will actually be decent