🎅 🎁 DiS Secret Santa 2022: The Openinging! 🎅 🎁

I haven’t recieved my gift yet, at least I don’t think so anyway haha. Given the postal strikes though it obviously doesn’t matter. The person at the Post Office said the gift I sent would arrive ‘at some point in January’.

Thank you! Good work :slight_smile:

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I love this thread, next time I’ll have to take part. If everybody can drop lots of hints over the next year that would be nice.


Got home after a weekend away to a nice surprise!

I’d completely forgotten I should be expecting something so was awesome to get the parcel out of the blue. Super chuffed with the Dissonance Radio beanie, so thoughtful! Looks very stylish too:

Excited to read the Metallica book too. Nice work Santa!

Very tired rn so not gonna guess but feel free to fess up if you want my undying admiration


Those books are great

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:wave: :santa:


Thank you so much :pray: top tier santa-ing

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You’re welcome!

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