DiS Show and Tell #1 👁️

Welcome to today’s inaugural edition of DiS Show and Tell. Pick an item (any item!), show it to us, and tell us about it. That didn’t really need an explainer did it?

This is a medal of St Stanislaus Kosta (C16 Jesuit Saint). He is receiving the infant Jesus from Mary. There are cherubs in the background, lily and Bible on the floor (common attributes for his depiction in art).

Going by Google translate the text suggests it was made to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the church named (partly) after At Stanislaus Kostka.

I bought this online after I chose Stanislaus as my confirmation name and then found out my great great grandfather’s middle name was Stanislaus (I have his monogrammed copy of The Imitation of Christ). .

I thought I had lost this about three years ago. I was really devestated. I turned my house upside down, wrote to places I’d stayed in recent months etc but eventually gave up hope. I found it this weekend when we were putting flooring down in the study - it had somehow got caught up in the daybed frame. I’m so happy to have it back even if I dont have faith anymore. It still feels very important to me.

Things are really great aren’t they. I have so many things I’d like to talk about but I’ll save them for another day. I’m looking forward to seeing your things. They don’t need to have any historical or emotional significance. Maybe your shirt has an interesting button or you have a funny mug?



Great thread.

Here’s a book which on the surface seems to be a standard autobiography

However what makes it special is I got it from a signing at WHSmiths in Manchester Arndale so its personalised. But not as you’d think …

(The book unfortunately got a bit damaged so its a state now so apologies in advance for it looking as scruffy as it does)

THAT’S RIGHT! Its not just signed by Jack but also Vera herself!! She made an unannounced appearance at the signing.

Here is my friend and me with them

Vera complimented my bag and we had to wait 3 hours for the picutres to be developed by WHSmiths so we went to watch Devil at the cinemas to kill time.


That’s so cool! I only have one signed book. This post also makes me very nostalgic for the days where there was often a need to “kill time” and that going to the cinema was a suitable time killing activity (cinemas in town centres?!).

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This is a simple carving my dad gave to me as a Christmas present when I was maybe 13 or 14 or something. At the time I thought it was the worst present ever probably, I also remember being very disinterested when he tried to encourage me to have a go at stone work. He died when I was about 16. So it’s a strange item that’s nice to have but also reminds me how little interest I took at the time.


Yeah I think that’s the only one I have too. I’ve also been to exactly one CD and one DVD signing and 2 card signings at a festival, I always find them a bit awkward but couldn’t pass this opportunity up.

Writing out about waiting for the photos to develop made me feel ancient but this was only 12 or so years ago , crazy how fast things move - and yep in Manchester there’s a cinema in a little complex pretty much directly opposite the Arndale!

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This is Nanook, my first and favourite beanie baby. Worthless to collectors due to his lack of tag, but I loved this guy.

I got him when I was 9 or 10, and I spent a summer dragging him everywhere with me, especially on holiday. I remember his tummy as all grimy from being dragged along walls and across sand. After that summer I was less fussed about him, and he took a place on my desk instead. Found him again when visiting my parents around Christmas and that whole summer came back to me. Sort of the privilege of being a kid but the looming knowledge that I was ageing out of carrying toys around so I had to get it in quick. Quite bittersweet.


I’m in the office but would love to participate. Does it need to be an item that is an actual belonging of a community member?

No, any item.

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Thank you

Aww, this is sweet. It’s definitely something that I would have been :neutral_face: at receiving as a teenager too so I don’t think you should feel bad about that.

I’m kind of hoping your name is actually John or something as that would make it very funny.

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Here’s the mug I’m drinking coffee from. It isn’t funny, but it does remind me of the time (about 3 weeks ago) that my partner’s mum took us on a steam train trip in the Yorkshire Dales because “I like trains”. It was mainly just part of a trip to get away from Platty Joobs, but we all actually had a pretty great time.

FAO @AutumnBeech this was where I managed to take a “photo” of a hare


It has an excellent silhouette. I like the vase and perfume bottle too.

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The Dales are my second home but I actually can’t imagine a more jooby thing than steam trains. Was it not bedecked with little flags?!

Also do you like trains? It’s unclear from your post.

They’d restricted the Joobs to one carriage, so we were easily able to avoid it and just enjoyed looking at the lovely hills and dales

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I like transport infrastructure more than the actual trains. I probably prefer trams as actual vehicles, because sometimes they’re trains, and sometimes they think they’re cars and they go *TOOT* *TOOT* which, compared to trains, is a bit dinkier and cute.

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Ooooo this is my kind of thread

A few years ago I bought a tiny little purse to keep my sewing needles in but I only bought it becuase the fabric reminded me of my nan’s 60s deckchair that I loved sitting on in her backyard and assumed it was long gone when she died. I showed my mum the purse and told her why I bought it and she said “I’ve got that deckchair in the garage, do you want it?” and now I have it and I sit on it most days in the garden. Badly in need of fabric repair, not sure how to do it.

Love how many people long gone or just out of touch have sat on this thing.


Those colours :heart_eyes:

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I can’t believe we haven’t done this thread before, like it