DiS, show me the dumbest thing you can think of


Can you think of anything dumber than a watch that doesn’t show the time?

No pictures of people or links to user profiles please. We’re better than that.



Okay okay no USER profiles on DiS but this douchebag is the utter worst:



This is perfect


I knew I’d leave a loophole. And I knew you’d find it.

Well played.


Too much of a dull prick NOT to call it tbh


It’s just a bracelet - not a bad one necessarily, quite like the marble disc, but I’d find it really annoying as I’d assume it’s a watch and keep looking at it.

The copy is Brewdog-level bad though - Einstein, Taoism and ‘deep knowledge’ indeed.

Bonus points for using the international phonetic alphabet correctly though (the other great IPA)


If they’d marketed it as a bracelet that would be fine. But they insist it’s a watch. And when someone asks why they didn’t call it a bracelet they pull this out of the bag:

I’m not generally an angry man but I hate these guys.


I’m so angry right now.

If I was a route I’d be Fury Road. If I was a motel I’d be Crossroads.


I know dude but you can’t deny they’re the worst one here


I’m literally in a burns unit here.


Bloody hell

I misread the ad as ‘cleave your arm from time’ at first, and after seeing their undergrad thesis there, that seems to be the rational response


You stupid Nunc!


Oh another forum years back this trick led to one of the mods not clocking what was going on and they permabanned me :’’’’(


That reply looks like it was written by a computer algorithm like that poetry-writing website. Just click the boxes for ancient Greece and “inspirational quotations” and let the program do it’s thing


It’s a risky business being the ultimate prankstarrrr.


I am the mr robot of weak humour


It works way less well now that everyone has left fb



Can’t really be arsed with a London thread today.