DiS Snow Watch (rolling)



Yeah, it’s snowing in Oslo today. This might sound like an all year normal phenomenon in Norway for you guys but I still think it’s too early tbh.

All of this has just happened this afternoon as well.


more like OSNOW!!!


Well done, @cowcow

Also I realise it will be a while before anyone else contributes to this thread :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:


is it really bit eraly for snow? It is after all snovvember.


The snowing has started.

And snow my watch begins.


Just checking in. So far: no snow.


Sleet/snow in West Lancashire this morning.


Snow on my car in Leeds this morning


EC1V: nae snow.


Just rain here currently.


^5 EC1V pal


Snowed a couple of times in Sheffield. Nothing’s settled in the city centre but there’ve been a few cars knocking about with a decent covering, which I’m guessing have come in from higher areas





There’s supposed to be snow here today or tomorrow. Have rarely seen snow in Cork City in all my years here so not getting my hopes up.




My house = snow, approximately 1 inch deep.
Weather when I left my house at 6:45am to cycle to station = blizzard conditions.
Weather at train station = blizzard conditions
Weather in Glasgow city centre = dry, but wet underfoot


EC4N - No snow
N19 - No snow


B31 - No snow
B78 - No snow
Anywhere between Junctions 2 and 10 of the M42 - No snow


Double high fives for the EC1V crew!