DiS Snow Watch (rolling)



N16, no slow. i thought LME were supposed to get everything first?


Can we have our own LME subsection?


N10 - no snow


EC2R: dunno cos I'm sat in the fucking basement aren't I


SW8 - A snowless wasteland


Nah, none. Utterly fucking pissing it down isn't it?


WAIT. It's snowing now!


B78 update: Drizzle


dry in south kent atm, but we've got snow forecast for later. i'll keep you posted.


N10 update: rain.


No snow in M1 at the moment. Raining a bit but doesn't feel cold enough yet. Will be leaving the office at 3pm though to get home because apparently we're due snow later


EC1V update: fo drizzle ma nizzle.


Wiltshire no snow

Forecast for four/five so here's hoping....


GU27 - no snow (forecast around 4ish), but it is chucking it down. Have to drive back to SO22 (40 miles across the downs) at the height of the snow and I'm a bit worried.


I read the title of this thread as "DiS Snow Witch" ... gutted.



Bn2 it's been pissing with rain for a few hours now, temperatures set to plummet and snow expected around 5pm, I should just miss it.


I still do a little chuckle to myself when a weather presenter says "Yellow snow warning"


Tried to upload a video, didn't work