DiS socal board Chrimbo Meat (London edition), Friday 21 December, 6.30pm


I can no longer make this :cry: as I have a friend’s birthday thing to go to.


:frowning: aw


I will wear sequins.


i hope i wasn’t too obnoxious


Me too!


I’m sorry if I was


Nah you were very charming


Anyone up for going on a walk the next day?

I’m thinking Hampstead heath (although the last time I was there, I got caught in the rain and had a horrible cold for two weeks)


I will be arriving in London the following day :sob:


Come on mate @DarwinBabe ain’t that bad! And I don’t think it’s a compulsory walk anyway…


You were in good form imo. Definitely didn’t seem at all pissed or embarrassing or anything by the time I left.


I am still hoping to make this :heart:


Same. Although I don’t finish work until 1030 at the very earliest, so I do wonder whether the survivors would be vertical and coherent by the time I got there.


Um yes please, it’s basically a crime against humanity that I’ve never met you


Appoint me Vice President and I could be swayed


Seriously though, needs to happen.

Really the only variance is that I have to pick up my car from that garage that afternoon and depends when it’s ready etc


I’ll fight you for that position

you can be junior vice president


Part of the original trio of filth pal, you’re just a young pretender.

That said I like the idea of a power struggle getting in to a position.


Aw why can’t all DiSers just live in one city.


Ha, no offence @DarwinBabe