DiS socal board Chrimbo Meat (London edition), Friday 21 December, 6.30pm


Me too. The real dismeat at Heathrow spoons?


This is convenient for me tbf


it’s ok smee, it’s ok


Aw I’d go on a walk with you any day babe
(Just not that particular day)


Can’t make this now :cry::sob:

Totally gutted. Had such a lovely time last year meeting new people for the first time.


might come :thinking:




How are you adapting to life on the outside? Was worried you’d gone all Shawshank for a bit there




First disser you met

I’ve now got work related Christmas drinks starting at 1pm on the 21st. I’m still going to come along in the evening - but I’ll need to be careful (otherwise I’ll end up smashed).


Two weeks today!


Has it been decided where this will be?


Craft Beer Co on White Lion St (nearest tube Angel).
Booked from 6:30 PM


Looking forward to this.


Upgrading to a almost certainly.

Also, I bought some sparkly tights to go with my boring dress.


Anyone willing to host a sparkly, probably quite sozzled daytime TV celeb for the night of this? :champagne:


OMG is Rachel Riley coming?!


Anyone doing early doors for this? Considering coming right after work for a bit


My bet was on David Dickinson.


I would like to come to this please. Especially as it may mean ducking out early from my own leaving drinks.