DiS Social Board bike ride: the thread



Saturday 24th September


The official route is here (106km) and you can download this for your Garmin or whatever: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16415637

Leaving chez plasticniki (Forest Hill, London) @ 10am

Social-paced, so all welcome, and I have a feeling we’re going to have a good amount of varying ability, I ride at 22km/h and @rich-t at a ridic 30km/h, there will be stops for refreshments at Godstone and Box Hill.

The route isn’t really hilly at all, if you have a good level of fitness and have cycled 60km already you will be okay. There’s a train station in Dorking which is near Box Hill around the 60km mark if you don’t think you can make it back.






also “cycling thread” and not “bike wankers” ?




shall i change it


I’d settle for that


i’ve wankered it up




Alas I cannot make this now. Like bygone DiSers before me (I want to say warny?) I’ll be spending that Saturday on a narrow boat with my in-laws.




I hope it sinks






I was so tempted to include Leith Hill as well.

Would add an estimate 40km on? Anyone?


I shouldn’t tell you fucking scum this but there is a good beer shop in Dorking.


I wouldn’t mind, but we should maybe keep it sensible for a first go


yeah good point


i could disard both cycling bottles i will have with me and put beer in the holders instead for the 50km back. who needs water anyway?


YEAH BOY :bicyclist:

No idea on my average speed. I don’t mind to be backstop if I am painfully slow.


Cobbets is great