DiS Social Board Calendar for the remainder of the year

June 24th - Annual noodle eating contest (Noodle Eating Contest 2022)
June 27th - Guess the brand of fabric conditioner
July - August 5th - Midterm break
August 9th - How to uninstall Windows. FOR GOOD.
August 10th - Doughballs are boring as fuck do you agree yes or no
August 19th - Hooligan fest (social board and music board meet up and batter the fuck out of each other)
September 12th - Rate my eggs 2022
October 14th - Britney Bitch
October 29th - Shave all our hair off for a laugh
November 7th - Everyone’s birthday
December 25th - Christmas Day

Thanks. Expect attendance for all events from everyone.


I thought the hooliganism was on the 9th not the 19th?

I’ve got the 19th written down here bud

You’ll have to ask the music board if you want to change dates but doubt they’ll be best pleased

Can’t wait to do those smug pricks in. You getting tooled up for it?

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Any visits from Wim Hof planned?

Yeah taking no chances with them lot they’re absolute dirt

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Pulled out of an event in November because he said it would be too cold for him


Nothing scheduled for September 31st yet, very telling…

9am - My Vitriol album launch

11pm - thread for waking up Billy Joe Armstrong


Thought we were gonna do a nudey calendar

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Just laughed at the thought of all the men doing this, but instead of cheeky poses and smiles and hats etc covering the offending areas they’re just completely charmless low-res selfies really badly lit, just slouched on a chair at home naked not even smiling


Who’s going to win?

  • Social Board
  • Music Board

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