DiS social board made-up Gameshow Quiz evening with your host Smee - Tues 12/05 8pm

Hi everyone

I’m taking a turn in organising a dis social quiz evening next week. Won’t be the same format as other ones, as I’m re-purposing and re-using something I did for my family a couple of weeks ago.

There’ll be a mixture of normal quiz type questions you answer in teams and then some other stuff you have to answer individually. You won’t have to use the mic, you can just use the chat function on zoom to give your answers if you prefer. All will become clear on the night.

It would be extremely helpful if people could sign up and commit to play in advance, as it makes it easier to do the teams and stuff. Maybe just express an interest now by responding to the poll below and then I’ll check in on Tuesday morning to get you to confirm.


  • In/Probably in
  • Out

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Thank you @eems

My pleasure/bump

Room for a few more bedwetters tomorrow evening xx

apologies won’t be able to make this. hope you all win

Thank you tuna

Sounds fun, but we’re gonna have a board game night at home.

If it turns out to be a board game afternoon and we’re all three sheets to the wind by 8pm then i’m IN.

Teams for this evening. Start a whatsapp group/PM thread if you like, shouldn’t be strictly necessary except if you don’t want to use the mic. Let me know if you can’t make it anymore. x

Team 1

Team 2


Team 3

Team 4

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Can we still use the chat instead of the mic?


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Hey, sorry Smee, I cannot attend this evening after all!

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Anyone else want to join Team 2 since @ma0sm’s a loser and clearly has better plans during lockdown? :thinking:

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I can make it BUT M only got to sleep at 8.30 last night, hopefully it wont be that late tonight :grimacing:

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any more joiner inners?

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Do you smeed (need) my zoom room?

No it’s ok I’ve also got a smeemium account xx


Will post link in a bit