DiS Social Board Spelling Bee

Here it is folks, the game you’ve been waiting for.

The way it works?

One DiSer replies to this thread with a word they would like another DiSer to spell, @ing them in. That DiSer must then reply to that word with the correct spelling. If they get it right, they win a point. If not, they are eliminated.

You may also ask the other DiSer to use the word in a sentence to give it context in order to help you before answering.

Once all users signed up to the boards have been eliminated, we have a winner!

Good luck DiS!


Looking forward to this

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@anon5266188 your word is Apiology.


Can you use it in a sentence please?


“They tried to get me to apologise, but didn’t notice I actually said apiology instead of apology so it didn’t count”.


Thank you.

A, P, I, O, L, O, G… Y?

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Plus one point for you!


Spelling tests don’t work guys, it’s far better to learn the spelling rules and try to apply them in your writing. Typically learned words for a spelling test will be forgotten a week later. If you must do tests I suggest revisiting words every few weeks so they can be stored in long term memory.

Anyway, @incandenza your word is embarrassment.
It’s a tricky one as there are some double consonants hidden in there!!

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Thrilling. No need for a filth thread today, this is my porn.


Ooooh unlucky! You did so well with the tricky parts it was just that extra X you didn’t need! Tough luck!

Edit: and that slippery little w!

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and you don’t need to be a bookkeeper to notice.

I just snorted at my desk because of this. Thanks pervo.

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@hodgeyheg your word is Confusion.



Ah, bad luck, can see where you went wrong there. In those words, they’re invisible, like in toexnail or giraffwe



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@TheBarbieMovie2023 Your word is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.


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Think there’s been a mix-up. My contract says I’m only allowed to spell words of 9 letters or fewer



One thing I pride myself on is well dece spelling. I can do that shit.

My boss wants us all to install and use Grammerly, so that there are no mistakes on the websites/emails/etc. I don’t want to, because I think if I start using it, I’ll overly rely on it, and stop thinking about how to do things properly myself. The problem isn’t me, it’s the other fuckers who aren’t so well dece at the spelling, but I still think it’s a bad thing for humanity (like autocorrect) that’ll stop people putting the very small effort into learning how to do things properly, and putting effort into things.

What are your thoughts on this @ma0sm, @anon5266188 and the rest of the community.drownedinsound.com community?

I think it’s fine to use tools to help you do things like spelling and that. Doesn’t matter does it really.

Just think it’s another thing people won’t bother learning properly. Lazy humans, etc.