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#3 How do I stop getting my passport stolen?

I actually did this the other day and used to do it loads

My method of making sure I don’t do it is when I’ve taken the key back out, really strongly thinking of the time and day and then when I’m inside if I’m not consciously thinking of the time and day I know I haven’t taken it out

Thank you all for your suggestions. I should have specified - this has to be in drink form. @safebruv’s suggestion is the closest to hitting the mark, I think. I’ll see what I can do with tinctures.

I can’t be arsed working any more. I’m th…28 and my body’s done in. I can live relatively frugally. I need someone to put about…£1,400 a month into my bank account in return for nothing whatsoever. How can i realistically achieve this?

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Fashion an ice knife in the shape of your pas

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you’re very young, get a sugar daddy?

Nick a dominatrixes pics off the internet and set up a fake twitter account that appeals to paypigs.

attach it to a nu-metal chain and arm yourself with multiple ice knives


Get Dwayne The Rock Johnson to carry your passport for you.

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Make a PPI claim.

Replace the lock with a digital one.

keep it in a safer place

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Gonna say apricot yop

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Oh my god, it’s got a halloween theme and everything!!!

I will seek them out. Thank you!

Not perfect as it also contains chocolate flavour, but if you can’t find the other suggestions:

I did try this one. It was in the right ballpark but it didn’t quite hit the spot.

#1 @saps
i heard that if you’re the kind of person who worries a lot about forgetting to lock the door, turn off your hair straighteners, etc, saying “i have locked the door” (or whatever) after doing it will help you to remember that you’ve definitely done it. maybe if you tried that it would get you into the habit of consciously remembering that you’ve taken your key?


I like that idea. I find I sometimes remember things better if I verbalise them, like if I ask someone to remind me of something later I won’t usually need their reminder in the end because having said the thing out loud I don’t forget about it.