🌍 DiS Song Contest 2021: The Songs 🌍

Welcome to the DiS Song Contest 2021, live from the Conference and Leisure Village in Kettering, United Kingdom!

And here are your hosts, Jedward!

Good morning and happy Geography week to you all! #geographyweek

The 34 competing songs will be posted at regular intervals over the next two days, and on Friday afternoon the voting will be open for you to crown your first ever DiS Song Contest winner.

Each competing country was plucked at random and do bear in mind that some had a harder time finding an act than others. This thread will be operating on a ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, fuck off’ policy, but gentle bants are welcomed. Having said that, one of the 34 songs is one of the worst things I’ve ever heard, so do try to spot that.

Our countries are…

:angola: :argentina: :armenia:
:belgium: :bolivia: :brazil:
:cambodia: :croatia: :czech_republic:
:estonia: :finland: :greece:
:haiti: :iran: :ireland:
:it: :jordan: :kr:
:kosovo: :kyrgyzstan: :mexico:
:new_zealand: :nigeria: :norway:
:philippines: :portugal: :ru:
:south_africa: :taiwan: :tr:
:ukraine: :vietnam: :zimbabwe:

Competitors, do tell me what you’d be wearing for such a momentous occassion, you know, if this was real and we were allowed out of our houses.

It’s time for our first act…

(I’ll be posting youtube links and I’ll put a spotify playlist in here at the end of the day)


I’d be wearing the finest garment of them all, a big coat!


Oh god i hope my choice is the worst you’ve ever heard :smiley: Is there a special prize for that one!?

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Haha it isn’t, but I’d be stunned if the one I’m talking about doesn’t receive nil points

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1. :vietnam: VIETNAM


That .gif in the first post is incredible.


god bless canva.com


I’d be wearing an English battle reenactment costume maybe from 1415 and would be drinking raw milk and eating beef on the bone.

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The second finest item of clothing for me, a nice cosy jumper :blush: :norway:


reckon Vietnam is a bit of a banger (obviously I’ve thought about the running order and opened with a song that slaps), will definitely be in my consideration for some points from me (I forgot to enter myself, but I’m voting. deal with it)

Snoop Dogg gets everywhere doesn’t he

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Can you post the person who chose the song too with it, or is that not good?

:vietnam: represent!

Here are the first three costumes I would wear for the occasion, changing regularly.


I’m allowing everyone to choose if they reveal which song is theirs :slight_smile:

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Seeing the quality of Vietnam, I feel I may have let my (adopted) country down

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Ooft, heck of a start that.


That’s Snôôp Dơgg to you.


Psyched for this, on my third Ca Phe Sua Da of the morning already.


I’m not keen on his dressing gown and despite being surrounded by beautiful women he seems be quite a lonely young man. I won’t let this affect my scoring of the song though.

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I wouldn’t have revealed this was my pick if I’d known you were going to make this personal.


I was uncomfortable with the bit where he sat on the roof of the car. That flagrant disregard for vehicular safety genuinely put me on edge

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