🌍 DiS Song Contest 2021: The Songs 🌍

2. :iran: Iran


I was hoping to have a day of good music, listening through the releases from last Friday that I haven’t heard yet. But no. Looks like I’m listening to Worldotrash today instead.

Impressive start with Vietnam, even though it has exceeded the track length limit by 22 seconds. Time I will never get back. I now know that Snoop Dog is from Long Beach. Unfortunately this is the only music I have knowingly heard from Vietnam, so might now technically be my favourite Vietnamese band. I hope I never have to listen to it again though, and I hope the Iran song gets the tune of the first song out of my head.


Sounds like a war song!? :rofl:

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Ooft, this is a proper banger.

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I completely missed that restriction! It’s only 6 seconds over on Spotify version, but rules are rules, my sincerest apologies to anybody who has given up good tracks due the track length. Bit late to change it now but I understand if anyone rules it out of their scoring for this.

it’s not, it’s a Eurovision rule but there’s no restriction here


Banger alert

I like this one! Well done Iran. Favourite song of Worldovision so far!

Ah you’re right, sorry @Octobadger !

Maybe the four minute rule was in your failed attempt of this thread on the social board? I know it got stuck in my head somewhere, and so I was just skipping any songs longer than four minutes, oops!

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I mean, it was failed due to those social board losers. They shoulder the full blame.

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I am absolutely loving the subtitles to these tracks


@Joke2000 this is incredible. I love how you’ve gone totally overboard with all of this! :star_struck:

I’ve also got a fresh contender for the next time we do the greatest opening lines thread:

Someone’s shadow is slightly passing
Its charm makes heartbeat mixing like the drunk

Thanks :vietnam:


the lad Hay Trao Cho Anh has got some fine jackets

3. :croatia: CROATIA


This video is quite the journey.

Oh wow, I didn’t realise how good canva was, thanks for the tip


Banger, banger, banger. This is shaping to be the best thread ever


Croatia was moderately enjoyable also!

Is the voting open to everyone or only the competing nations?