DiS Thirst Games

This is a thread for everyone who is not involved in the DiS Hunger Games but wants attention

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i died in there.


i am thirsty actually.

  • water
  • tea
  • coffee

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No dead people allowed sorry

is cold brew an option?

no :disappointed_relieved:

I’ll allow dead people but no alives

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The modern use of the word thirst, used to refer to sexual attraction.

Shall we talk about that while everyone else is killing each other?

I was going for that in the title but I fear I may have missed

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I’m after a tall glass of water

aphextwinkletoes to thread


I wasn’t aware there was a modern usage, I certainly haven’t been referred to as -

ah Ok then

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just eaten three dry rivitas, you’re fuckin right I’m thirsty



did you enjoy them?


oh. rats

Thirst trap

being used to describe people.
I think I like it.

But cant imagine myself ever saying it


“He’s an absolute snack!”

I quite like that. Does it mean anything rude?

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