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is Hamilton singing this version?

I remember downloading a couple of BSP tracks on Limewire years ago to check them out and they didn’t really do anything for me, didn’t really get the fuss (think they were a couple of Open Season tracks). But my uni housemate was a big fan and gave me this album to copy, just before bringing me along to see them touring the newly released DYLRM. The spiky Pixies-esque songs at the beginning reeled me in immediately, loved those, but initially found the rest of it a bit boring, found it weird that online reviews always compared them to Joy Division as I couldn’t hear it.

Rest of the album clicked eventually though, I think I got more into DYLRM first and then the rest of Decline started to make more sense to me. Carrion feels like quite a good midpoint of the album because it’s breathy and gorgeous but still has that very spiky Pixies-esque riff, I think that song clicking for me helped.

Must have a big listen to all the B-sides and demos on the reissue when I get a chance in the next few weeks.


Further Decline - An Imaginary Album

Side A

Moley & Me (Hamilton)
Childhood Memories (Yan)
The Scottish Wildlife Experience
Good Good Boys (Hamilton)
No Red Indian (Hamilton)
Tugboat (Galaxie 500 Cover)

Side B

Strange Communication (Yan)
The Smallest Church In Sussex (Hamilton)
A Lovely Day Tomorrow (Hamilton)
Albert’s Eyes (Yan)
The Spirit of St Louis (Yan)
Heavenly Waters

I’ve long said that Sea Power’s B-sides etc. are extremely strong, and worthy of proper compilation. Going through the Decline extras though, I realised that the extra material from just this era alone is enough for a whole actual album, with songs to spare. So, I tried to assemble one.

Here is a suggested tracklist for an imaginary album called ‘Further Decline’. I’ve tried to sequence the songs in a way that make sense to the listener and puts songs in interesting contexts with each other. I still had to leave out some good songs to make this roughly ‘album length’.

If you like Decline but don’t know this material very well, I would Strongly Recommend that you listen to this. It may be more immediate than listening to the bonus discs with demos and alternate / live versions mixed in: this tracklist is basically all gold. Despite never being on any albums, at least half of this tracklist is essential Sea Power repertoire. Enjoy!

(Sorry I don’t have Spotify, so I can’t make this into a playlist)


I don’t have the time to do it justice, but The Decline Of… is just an utterly perfect record - and probably uniquely of the other records I deem as perfect (Beatles, Smiths etc etc), feels like it’s mine.

Simultaneously huge, deranged and beautiful. I adore it, and though they’d never hit those complete heights again, that’s fine because staying at that level is just not really possible.

I made a PL of yr suggestion for anyone interested.

So many excellent tracks here- Childhood Memories, Albert’s Eyes and Lovely Day Tomorrow are my faves I think.


until the devil screamed in the evermore, in envy of the grace we saw


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Blew my mind when this was played randomly on Neighbours a couple of years ago


First time listening to Decline (honestly, I mostly just know Do You Like Rock Music? and the Disco Elysium soundtrack). It’s kind of surprising hearing such a raw version of that sound; I’m almost tempted to say it’s like a rougher version of what Bloc Party would do a bit later on Silent Alarm (the sonics of the whole post-punk revival thing but with a conscious foot in the dramatics and dynamics of Godspeed, Mogwai, etc.). One thing that jumped out listening to it in 2024 was… both Black Country, New Road albums in one.

The cover alone makes me want to listen to it again - I love when a band comes out the gate with such a clear and unique sense of how they want to present themselves.



Carrion is a really great song to learn to play as well

not many chords but uses them brilliantly

Mmmmm I think so, doesn’t sound like Yan to me. Just listened to snatches of a few Hamilton songs and I think it seems more likely to be him.

had no idea about this, but found it:

From 5:25 - outrageously nearly a 2-minute sync for a 20 year old b-side :smile:

as @hanshotfirst said up there^, good old dailymotion!


It was absolutely brilliant!
It was like I was hallucinating or something - came on here and even checked twitter to see if anyone else mentioned it and they didnt. :smiley:

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From the liner notes of the boxset:

‘Though sung by Yan, ‘Something Wicked’ was, essentially, a Hamilton song. The same applies to ‘Carrion’ - at least, the music. The thinking at the time was that the band was multifarious enough without presenting the world with two whole singers. Graciously, Hamilton agreed to Yan becoming the vocalist on both songs.’


Ah thanks! It occurred to me it would be nice to read those notes, the bsp handbook, do it for your mum too along with this thread and I’ve not got round to it yet

I seem to remember you mentioning it but that’s the first time I’ve actually seen it, ha ha wow. It’s a beautiful tune and I guess the producers must have registered how strange the words were and just thought yup, emotion in a stomach acid, great.

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Now that’s interesting! Don’t think I knew that. Understandable thinking I guess.

I generally prefer Hamilton though tbh, especially later on in their career

I’m happy just to know I wasn’t tripping !

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Have the Wurzels ever done remember me live?

No idea but I think their version is so fun, I’ve had a look on setlist fm but sadly it’s not very comprehensive for The Wurzels