DiS Top 100 Documentaries Voting Thread

How do you compare a feature doc with a netflix series or ken burns tho :grimacing: anxious just thinking about it. Think ahm oot.

I’m overwhelmed


oh the deadline’s not til jan 15th
lets do this

Hoop Dreams IN; Making a murderer OUT*; Vietnam War IN

*not seen it

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the BBC news OUT

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I think I’m just going to do shorts and feature length stuff.
Time will tell though.

No Netflix unless it’s one of their sex robots things.

Or the thing about the cats in Turkey

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Does the 6 o’clock news count as a documentary?

  • Triumph of the Will
  • March of the Penguins

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Shag, Marry, Kill - The @anon29812515 Story


In a way, Banksy is a documentary

Just remembered I’ve got a blu-ray copy of Hearts of Darkness I’ve been meaning to watch for ages. Got to get that watched before submission.

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I’m going to watch a couple more by Agnès Varda and then I’m probably ready for my list.


Got to watch Dig! again.

everyone should watch piripkura and vote for that

Submitted :+1:

Is that you just trying to get us to vote for Paprika this time in a sneaky roundabout way?

  1. Ancient Aliens
  • Werner Herzog
  • Errol Morris

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