DiS Top 100 Films of the 21st Century (so far) (I love theo)


Let the bitching commence.

Some general FUN FACTS before we begin our countdown:

  • 10,000+ points have been tallied
  • 52 DiSers voted
  • 421 different films nominated
  • Just 28 points required to crack the top 100, but 137 required to crack the top 10
  • Around 20% of the top 100 are foreign-language films

The following films received just 1 point:
Audition, Big Hero Six, Casino Royale, Climates, Cloverfield, Dogma, Drinking Buddies, Innocence, Julie & Julia, Lincoln, Red Dragon, Sworn Virign, Tell No One, The Big Sick, The Man from UNCLE, The Wolf of Wall Street, Two Days One Night, Welcome to Collinwood and Zoolander.

The following films were given top billing (20 pts) by one voter, but had no nominations from anyone else (sorry lads):

Bad Lieutenant – Port of Call: New Orleans - @anon44377095
Code Unknown - @shrewbie
It’s Such a Beautiful Day - @old_man_burner
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance - @shinymcshine
The Departed - @profk
The Love Witch - @Gorkys_Forever
Tyrannosaur - @NoahVale
Wajib - @furryfan

And finally, Monsters Inc. managed to miss out on the top 100 despite having four voters - Juke, @saps, @anon3515918 and @shrewbie.

I won’t be posting the results in a single day or possibly even a week. But I’ll try and keep the films coming steadily, giving time for discussion on each as we go.


Nearly made my list! Didn’t.



Trivia Time: In the birthday scene, the cast and crew filmed ten takes singing the normal “Happy Birthday” song before finding out they didn’t have the rights to use it. So the song “Ricky Baker, It’s your Birthday” was created on the spot by the actors.

Voted for by: @anon50098204 @colossalhorse @Aggpass @infinite_jest @anon3515918


Aforementioned scene:

Love this film, was so close to getting on my list.


Considered bad lieutenant.
sorry shiggs
Reckon if monsters inc didn’t make it then not many of mine will

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nah, ripping them from their Letterboxd pages https://letterboxd.com/film/hunt-for-the-wilderpeople/

but hopefully looks nicer than just typing the films up in text (y)


Audition is 1999!!! Wouldve easily made my list otherwise.

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Feel bad now for voting for toy story 3 instead of monsters inc.


Very nice presentation, makes it more exciting


The big sick I can understand but no one else had space in their top 20 for sympathy for lady vengeance?


Trivia Time: The cast members use their own native accents throughout the movie, resulting in a wide variety of American and British accents. The Soviet Union was immense, with many geographically isolated regions, so the Russian language has hundreds of different accents. Many of the real characters came from vastly different parts of the country, so they probably sounded as diverse as depicted in the movie. Stalin talks with what sounds like an English working-class accent. In real life, Stalin was born in the former Soviet state of Georgia. He learned Russian when he was eight or nine, and spoke Russian with a heavy Georgian accent for the rest of his life. Georgia was known for farming, so Stalin’s Russian probably sounded quite rustic to most Russians.

Nominated by: @noahvale @infinite_jest


Thank you for your efforts Jooky!


I imagine lots of people voted for oldboy and left it there.

I suspect you might be right.

I had a self imposed 1 film per director rule too, cos I’m a jerk.


Samesies. You and I, warno.

Found Death of Stalin pretty disappointing tbh, much less funny or interesting than I expected from that cast and creative team.

Wilderpeople was so fun though, definitely had it on my initial 50 film longlist


it’s great fuck off


Have to agree, I didn’t love death of Stalin as much as I wanted/expected to.