DiS Top 100 Films of the 21st Century (so far) (I love theo)

Wasn’t bad at all, just didn’t laugh much :man_shrugging:


Ah forgot about Bad Lieutant or else Id have put it in

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It’s such an underrated and easy to forget film, but it’s Nic Cage’s best ever performance and in Herzog he found someone capable of building a world that is big enough for him. You, me, and @shrewbie can form a Bad Lieutenant fan club anyway.


My least favourite of the Vengeance trilogy tbh. It’s still great I just like the other two more.

Me too otherwise I’d have liked to have found a spot for Thirst.

Yeah its a total one off too (ironic given the title). Some totally mind bending stuff in it. Nearly went for My Son My Son too

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Forgot Bug too ffs


TRIVIA TIME: Red Road is the first of three films made at the behest of The Advance Party, a Danish project inspired by Lars von Trier, who challenged Arnold and two other new directors to create films with the same group of characters.

Nominated by: @furryfan @jack205


I also found Death of Stalin a wee bit disappointing in the humour and writing, but still pretty entertaining. And I enjoyed that fact about the accents.

The presentation of this is superb @AQOS, looking forward to the rest


Sorry man, Mine were mean to be in reverse order, ie Love Witch the “worst” and Song of the Sea #1


Thank goodness your list was obscure stuff… this only affects one of the films troubling the top 100. We carry on…

quietly pleased at being called obscure

Anybody else know or care about PAL speed up on UK DVDs? I can’t say I ever noticed it.


TRIVIA TIME: Once Ben Foster had signed onto the film, he and Debra Granik worked together to remove around 40% of the dialogue. This was to make the film have less exposition and feel more realistic.

Nominated by: @jack205 @saps


Great film and might be my fav of this year, but I deliberately didn’t include anything from 2018. Wanted at least a little bit of distance from them first

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Saw this at a film festival in the summer. Debra Granik introduced it and did a Q&A after. A lovely and very interesting filmmaker. Excellent film and one which I think will improve with time. I had a one director rule thing going on or else I may have included it

Winter’s Bone buddies then I presume :slight_smile:

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Fucking hell. Forgot about that one.

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‘Like a sheep, in a maze, designed by wolves’


I did not know that fact, sends film degree back to Aberystwyth