DiS Top 100 Films of the 21st Century (so far)


She’s a weak character but nowhere near as bad as some people here suggest. The film’s called Paterson for a reason anyway


thanks Tone. I’ll probs continue giving it a miss indefinitely, then!




you and @Antpocalypsenow are going to have to settle this between you, I think

ooh, @Steved has weighed in, I see

not looking good for Paterson, here




is that patterson?


I’ve not seen it to get whatever the joke is so I’m going to say…yes?


It’s a solid joke tbf.


Yeah I don’t agree with that assessment of her character at all. I don’t think Paterson’s poems were made out to be all that important, just yer man Drivers way of getting through the days. She made an interestingly extroverted counterpoint in her creative expression to his painfully introverted ways. I don’t remember the film seeming to make a value judgement about either one being superior or whatever.


quite liked the girlfriend in paterson
is it ok to like someone if they’re a manic pixie dream girl?


Yup, his poems were so “deep” and her creativity was so “quirky” and throwaway. It was nauseating.


Paterson sounds really boring. Since Only Lovers Left Alive pissed me off so much, I think it’s going to take a cowboy film for me to bother with Jarmusch again


Just go and watch Down By Law


only lovers was on my long list


I really didn’t see it that way. He was focused entirely inwardly creatively - she entirely outwardly. At the end of the film all his poems are gone but hers survives in the decorations around their home. So which was more valuable? Do we need to make a judgement? I didn’t feel like I was being told what to feel either way tbh.


I think if I could see it as tongue in cheek I might have enjoyed it, but I found all the guitar/vinyl/literature stuff obscenely try-hard (or felt like it held up a very unflattering mirror to my own stupidity, that’s probably more likely)


after twin peaks last year, the film critics polled by sight and sound this year included killing eve in their top 40 films of 2018.


First the TV wars, then the Paterson wars - what next?!


Isn’t there a bit where she makes some terrible food that he chokes down? And a bit where she’s done a terrible picture of the dog?


I just found the film and the protagonist to be extremely patronising to her innit.