DiS Top 100 Films of the 21st Century (so far)


but none of his poems are any good either


But the film presents them written across the screen accompanied by soft music and thoughtful montages, rather than as “heyyyy, I painted the shower curtain! What am I like, eh?”.


Guys, it was supposed to be boring, patronising and twee!


I remember the food bit, though not the dog so much. I just thought she was experimenting with things which didn’t always work whereas he was very safe in his routine and his art.

I ended the film thinking neither of them were geniuses but were both lovely people who cared for and supported each other.


because they’re important to him, not because they were any good


yeah this is what i thought but maybe i just liked the character without considering whether i was ‘supposed to’
didn’t think it was a particularly great film either way


I bloody fucking love Down by Law :smiley:

was in my all-time top ten last time I did one


I’m stilk not sure whether or not to see Paterson

I think I might not because what if I also think my writing is very important and that I want a manic pixie dream girl to validate me?

why, it’ll just compound all of that, won’t it.

maybe I’ll watch it with somebody there to provide critical counterpoint to stop me from appreciating it wrong.

n.b. none of this post is sarcastic, just mildly eccentric.


I came away from it feeling kinda happy and determined to try and be more aware of the beauty in the everyday and the small things in life. Which I thought was is a valuable thing to take from a film. Clearly this was a bad thing and I should feel bad though.

Film DiS is the worst.


Nah, it was a good thing and you should feel good.


Football DiS though.


I appreciate your take and would like to think I could watch the film from your perspective

like, my whole thing is if there’s a positive way of experiencing something that isn’t unambiguously horrible or worthless, I will try to see it that way


it’s just a film mate. watch it or don’t.


what was wrong with it?


aye I know. I’m just being funny.


didn’t find it interesting :man_shrugging:


I remember enjoying it but thinking it went on for a very long time.


i quite like talking about films on dis but think there’s too much emphasis on trying to faux objectively categorise stuff as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘underrated’ or ‘overrated’ etc. without allowing for the idea that films can be ambiguous works of art which can be experienced by different people differently


OTM :dart:


This. Also if it’s not Haneke or Dogtooth guy someone is gonna pipe up and say, “that film’s shit mate” with no explanation about any given film. Maybe I’m getting sensitive in my old age but I find that a bit tiring.